Journalist Ira Panganiban warns Duterte if he agrees to Maute demands: We will lose a third of our country or even more

So, based on PDI report, the Maute gang have basically two demands before they leave Marawi: release the parents and the MILF intervenes.

In exchange, they will the priest held hostage by the Maute militants.

Journalist Ira Panganiban cautioned the Duterte government about giving in to demands of the terrorists. He cited two reasons why in his latest Facebook post.

Read the post below.

The Maute-led ISIS group in Marawi had two demands according to an emissary. (PDI report)

1. Release of a hostages priest in exchange for their parents who have been arrested by the military.
2. They will only leave Marawi if the MILF intervenes and asks them to withdraw.

The government should be very careful about these demands.

While we want all hostages released from captivity, releasing the parents of the Maute’s will only raise the morale of the Maute gang. It will also give back the influence of the mother back to the extremist group which would mean worse retaliation later on.

Allowing the MILF to dictate the terms of Maute gangs withdrawal from Marawi will also give both Maute gang and the MILF more status, especially the Maute to the Middle Eastern based ISIS.

Both action will lead to a more belligerent and aggressive action from the Maute gang who will, if given both demands, be the official branch/leaders of ISIS in South East Asia.

And that should not happen. Otherwise we will lose a third of our country. Or maybe even more.

Let us read the comments of netizens and see how they react.

Tantan Victorino Domingo agreed with Panganiban. “Correct. Gobyerno natin ang dapat masunod hindi ang mga terorista na yan. At lalong hindi mga dilawan. Hehehe.”

Gilbert Gary Erica wrote: “Papayag Lang ang gobyerno kung maibabalik nila mga nasirang bahay gusali at mga namatay na PULIS at SUNDALO”

Ivan Malvar commented: “Government should release them( maute parents) no questions asked……One body piece at a time.”

In fairness to President Duterte, as far as his earlier statement, he will not negotiate with the Maute militants. You may read the article here from Philippine Star.

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