Journalist Jojo Robles slightly naughty Holy Week reflection takes a dig at Yellow supporters

The Holy Week is a time of reflection for Catholics around the world, particularly among vastly Catholic Philippines.

Journalist Jojo Robles took to Facebook urging the Duterte critics and haters to reflect on their feelings for Duterte in light of its recent setbacks while trying to destabilize the government.

“There’s a Holy Week reflection here somewhere, if I can only find it:

The people who ridiculed the homemade sign about “shaiming” Leni fell silent when they saw Trillanes’ execrable, error-filled letter to AMLC. And this is the senator who holds the record in number and cost of consultants hired (but who can’t pay for a decent editor for his official correspondence).

These are the same people who threw shade at the 4,000 impeach-Leni protesters at Luneta recently, but could only come up with 20 people to remove Duterte at their counter-protest at Liwasan yesterday. May offer pa yun na “free food and drink,” ha?”

Let me direct your attention to the screengrab of Carlos Celdran’s Facebook post mocking at the #PalitBise crowd in Luneta and the photo of the Impeach Duterte rally of Carlos Celdran’s friends and compare the difference.

The next image shows the misspelled homemade sign that the Yellow supporters mocked on social media.

The Facebook page “Silent No More” bashed the Duterte supporters for this glaring misspelling.

“Dear Fellow Filipinos,

Mga ka-DDS, mag-aral muna ng spelling bago mag rally. #PalitBanner #PalitUtak


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