Journalist says gallantry shown by Scout Ranger to free Maute hostages deserves a medal more than Medal of Valor

In the 5-month long battle to liberate Marawi from ISIS-affiliated local terror group, we’ve heard countless stories of heroism and bravery of our soldiers.

The list is long but one of the most awe-inspiring story of gallantry and heroism is the story of CPT JEFF BUADA of 15th Scout Ranger Company.

According to status update of war correspondent Josephine Jaron Codilla, the ultimate act of gallantry and heroism displayed yesterday by Buada deserves maybe even more than the Medal of Valor.

In his desire to save the hostages, Buada removed his helmet, put down his firearm and talked face to face with hardcore terrorist and asked them to release the hostages and the wounded to him.

Doubt it? Well, she has a photo to show for it.

Credits to Josephine Jaron Codilla

Check out the post below to know what happened next…


To me, the ultimate act of gallantry and heroism was displayed yesterday by someone who deserves maybe even more than the Medal of Valor. He literally put his life on the line to rescue hostages by removing his helmet, putting down his firearm and urging hard core terrorists face-to-face to free their hostages and allow the soldiers to bring the wounded to the hospital. He requested all the units behind him to cease fire, to put off the engines of tanks in order not to agitate the enemies, many of whom were in a state of war shock. From 11:00 in the morning until almost 4:00 in the afternoon, with the help of soldiers from other units, women and children were moved to safety. After 4:00 p.m., fighting resumed.

Allow me to extend the gratitude of a grateful nation to our living hero, CPT JEFF BUADA, 15th Scout Ranger Company. Your courage and gallantry were witnessed by so many, they will live to tell the tale. God bless you, Sir.

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