‘Jowable’ film maker Darryl Yap says he will never ever suggest to Leni Robredo to do a hadouken & laugh

Darryl Yap, a film maker behind countless viral videos on YouTube and social media before making it big on the big screen, has stirred the hornet’s nest so to speak after making a commentary on Leni Robredo’s hadouken-inspired campaign Tiktok video lately.

Yap began by saying that even if his IQ is quite high, he has confidence issues because he confessed his EQ is low according to an expert, not balance.

Yap conceded he is afraid to make decision…he needs to pray God for wisdom before making decisions because he fears of making or choosing the wrong decision.

However, Yap confided that before he was writing the FB post, he suddenly found the strength or confidence and told himself that even if he is unstable, sometimes make mistakes or bad decisions, sometimes his choices is a hit or miss thing, some times have doubts whether he was doing the right or wrong thing… he can still sleep soundly at night because he knows himself better.

But here’s Yap’s punchline that amuses his followers: Never, ever he will suggest to Rorbedo to do a hadouken and laugh.

Netizens can’t help but ask Darryl Yap if if he was pro Leni or BBM?

maka leni kaba o BBM?? Please let us know. Hehehehehe

To which the film maker replied: In due time.

You may now read Darryl Yap’s original FB post.

actually kahit mataas ang IQ ko
hindi ako confident, kasi napakababa ng EQ ko…
sabi ng expert, hindi balance.
kaya minsan, natatakot akong magdesisyon…
minsan nagdadasal pa ako,
kasi nakakatakot makagawa o makapili ng mali…
Lord, wisdom…grant me wisdom…
pero kanina, lumakas ang loob ko,
sabi ko sa sarili ko— siguro kahit unstable ako,
kahit pa minsan sablay ang mga tira ko,
kahit pa minsan kapos o nasosobrahan…
kahit minsan pinagdududahan ko kung tama ba
o mali mga pinaggagagawa ko…
makakatulog naman ako nang mahimbing sa gabi,
kasi alam ko sa sarili ko,
hindi ko isasasuggest na mag HADOUKEN


Source: Darryl Yap

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