Kakampink: Injured daw kaya hinila palayo? Pero bakit nasa kabilang kamay ang sugat? Here’s the reply from a netizen, Tiktok debunking lies vs BBM

In Tiktok and in other social media platforms, the Kakampinks are heckling the BBM camp for “fake wound” to justify wherein he was caught on video avoiding to shake hands with some people in one of the BBM-Sara caravans.

In the video below, the Kakampink supporter argued BBM can be seen pulling his right hand away from the bystanders who wanted to shake his hand but looking at the photos published in the local media and posted on BBM’s social media accounts, the wound was on the left hand, just above the wrist so the story from the BBM does not add up, so the Kakampink supporters say.

@seiruhhh Injured daw kaya hinila palayo? Pero bakit nasa kabilang kamay ang sugat? 🧐🧐🧐🧐🧐 #bbm #bongbongmarcos #Number1 ♬ Lies – McFly

Social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes, a staunch Duterte supporter but not so much of a Marcos fan, took to Facebook to share her conclusion of the investigation she conducted herself whether the allegation of ” fake wound” hurled by the Kakampink supporters are true or not.

Here’s what Reyes found out:

When all these handshake issues and that so called edited photo o ‘fake wound” came out yesterday, I tried to check the veracity of the reports from both sides. Like many of you, I wanted to know the truth and know the real BBM. Naghanap talaga ako ng mga FB live kung saan makikita ang kaliwang kamay ni BBM sa video. It turned out, totoo talagang may iniinda syang sugat sa kaliwang braso malapit sa wrist (screenshots below from an FB live).

TO ALL THE SUPPORTERS (of various candidates), kung totoong mahal nyo ang inyong mga kandidato, wag nyo naman kasing hilain ang kanilang kamay lalo na kung sila po ay nasa moving vehicle. Delikado po yun. He or both the supporter and the candidate can suffer shoulder or wrist injury. Hindi ganun kadali ang recuperation lalo na pag nagkaka-edad na. (Take it from me who’s been suffering from shoulder injury for half a year now.)

Tandaan din natin, tao rin po at hindi robot ang mga kandidato. Nasasaktan din sila. Nasusugatan. Napipilayan. Napapagod.

However, Reyes forgot to give a satisfactory answer to the question raised by the Kakampinks that BBM’s right hand did not appear to have wound so pulling his right hand away from supporters who wants to shake his hand is unjustified. Was he correct?

I took to Tiktok to debunk the allegation BBM has no wound or wounds on his right hand to show that BBM indeed is suffering from cuts, though the cut on the right hand is not as nasty those found on the left hand, hence he was hurt when supporters started to get aggressive just to shake his hand and BBM’s instinct when hurt was to pull away his hand.

@lynsena Dedma lang ni BBM ang daming sugat sa kamay basta makasama lang mga supporters nya! #bbm2022 #uniteam2022 #saraall2022👊🇵🇭 #bangonpilipinas ♬ original sound – Lyn Sena

Here’s another video:

@agnespenalosa namamaga na yung kamay nya tska puro sugat 🥺🥺#bbm #bbmfor2022president🇵🇭 #bbm2022 #uniteam #uniteam🇵🇭✌👊🇵🇭 @bongbong.marcos @Uniteam BBM-Sara ♬ original sound – Ellen Alexander


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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