Kaloka. Wala na ba kayong ibang choice? — Manila Bulletin writer on the Opposition’s presidential bets for 2022 polls

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu can’t help but gloat at the sorry state of the Liberal Party today, who in 2010 to 2016, was once the most powerful political party after PNoy won the presidency.

Chu wrote that Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party has been reduced to playing the role of a broker, in a desperate bid to rally Manny and Isko and even Ping before, to form a dream team for the Opposition.

If you’d recall, Leni said she will gladly give up her presidential bid and support Isko and Manny tandem if it means bringing an end to the current regime. [Link here]

Leni has been trying to meet with Manny and Isko and before, Ping, so she could assemble her dream team for the Opposition slate.

But Leni’s dream of uniting the Opposition, which would have been her accomplishment as a leader, fizzled out quickly.

Ping said no and revealed it was her who wanted to meet, Manny just announced his candidacy under Koko’s PDP Laban.

Chu lamented that just weeks before the filing of the certificate of candidacy for president, the once mighty Liberal party and now the Opposition is still searching for the candidate that will help them return to power.

Two weeks to go and there is no Opposition slate. How the mighty have fallen. As in, walang President, walang VP, and walang Senate. Si Chel and Samira may run but not under LP.

At this juncture, Chu questioned Leni Robredo’s leadership skills because she can’t even unite the position, how much more lead a country.

Seriously, Leni can’t even unite politicians. How in the world does she think she has the skills to lead a country, much less keep her own people in check if she does become President?

Chu also threw shades at Leni’s supporters for being too naïve to think Leni Robredo has the leadership ability to lead a country when she has exhibited the attributes opposite that of a decisive, popular and inclusive leader.

How can her supporters think that Leni has what it takes to lead this country through such tumultuous years when she is indecisive, unpopular, uninclusive (is there a word? She calls people who don’t like her as trolls), and contrarian.

Kaloka. Wala na ba kayong ibang choice? Chu asked the Opposition in condescending manner.


Source: Krizette Chu

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