“Kamote” — Radio host on 1Sambayan considering Manny Pacquiao as one of their presidential nominees

“Mukhang t@ng@ na itong 1SCAMBayan…”

This is the empathic reaction of radio host and blogger Mark Lopez on latest development that 1Sambayan is entertaining the idea of Manny Pacquiao to be one of their choices as group’s nominee for President in the 2022 election.

Lopez remarked that 1Sambayan is going to go ahead with Pacquiao as their presidential nominee because the nation’s welfare is not really the interest they want to further or push.

“Palibhasa hindi naman kasi kapakanan ng Pilipino ang gusto nito itaguyod.”

Lopez dismissed 1Sambayan as a mere group of greedy and power hungry people who have no clear direction and principle.

“Grupo lang ito ng mga sakim at ganid sa kapangyarihan kaya ayan, wala talagang malinaw na direksyon at paninindigan…”

“Kamote!” Lopez said.

Lopez’s FB post has generated quite a following, generating 7,515 reactions, 757 comments and 267 shares in just 9 hours and counting.

Let me just refresh you memory that a few months ago, former SC Justice Carpio of 1Sambayan dismissed Pacquiao as someone their group will nominate for President because he lacks competence and cited his absenteeism.

Link here https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1410676/carpio-says-pacquiao-lacks-competence-to-be-president-cites-absenteeism

Netizens echoed Lopez’s sentiment as shown by their comments below.

“Another desperate moves by the yellowians. OMG what a stupid move.”

This netizen thinks 1Sambayan is leaning towards Pacquiao because of his money not his brain and very gullible.

“Come on! It’s obvious that he’s not powerful enough to lead our country! Bulag, pipi at bingi lang ang boboto sa kanya or the Yellowtards! He’s got the money yes! But definitely not the brain 🧠😅👎👎 easily manipulated politician 🤮 Sorry to say Mr. Pacquiao, I believe that fellow Pinoys will love and adore you more if you stay in your boxing career. With all respect.”

“Congrats 🎉 sen Paquiao pumasa ka na sa standards nila👍🏻😁 a netizen commented in sarcastic tone.

“Pathetic. Wala talagang prinsipyo. Gusto lang makabalik sa power. Tama si Jet, naghahanap ng puppet,” said one netizen of 1Sambayan’s latest move.

A netizen said 1Sambayan is just being practical: “Of course papayag sila. Una ambisyoso yan. Pangalawa di sila gagastos. Sagot lahat ni Manny yung campaign funds. Tingnan lang natin kungdi maghirap yan pagkatapos. Sa dami ng linta nakapaligid dyan tapos dadagdag pa yung mga huhuthot galing scambayan ay mamumukubi yang si Manny.”

This netizen remarked that 1Sambayan saying Pacquiao as their probable candidate is an insult to the Filipino people.

“Just shows the true color of 1Scambayan! No wonder, no politician worth his salt wants to join it! Pacquiao would be “flattered” by the offer, of course and might even think that other parties are madly after him (“ego” trip). If Pacquiao accepts, it will be the end of his political career. He will go down the sewers with 1Scambayan! The people deserve the best, and the names being boasted by 1Scambayan as their probable “candidates” are an insult to the Filipino people..”


Source: Mark Lopez

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