“Kaya nga po hindi nanalo ang otso diretso.” — Netizen’s retort to Leni Robredo’s “elections should be won on good governance, not money” statement

Known pro-Duterte FB blogger Noel Landero Sarifa and Robredo critic agreed with the Vice President for the first time and he can’t wait to say it loud on socmed.

ICYMI, Robredo was quoted by GMA News recently that “Elections should be won on good governance, not money.” [Link here]

As soon as Sarifa got wind of Robredo’s statement, he did not waste a minute to tell Robredo that he echoed the VP’s sentiment and Duterte’s 2016 win is a testament to that. “First time agree po ako sa inyo, kaya nga po nanalo si President Duterte dahil yong good governance nya sa Davao yan yong nakita ng tao at sya po ung pinakamababa ang networth. So hindi po talaga pera nagpanalo sa kanya.”

Sarifa cited the OtsoDiretsos (LP’s senatorial bets where Robredo campaigned nationwide in the 2019 election) as a perfect example of the VP’s assertion. He also took a jab at Robredo by telling her to advice the people who voted for her and if they are convinced, Sarifa said he was sure, that of all candidates who ran for VP in 2016, she was the tail-ender when speaking of the lowest records in governance. “Kaya nga po hindi nanalo ang otso diretso and sana advice nyo din po yan sa mga bumoto sayo at pagnaniwala sila tiyak po ako sa lahat ng tumakbong bise presidente noong nakaraang election, kayo po ang may pinakamababang record when it comes to governance, sana alam din po ni smartmatic yan. Malamang po may bise presidente tayo ngayong nakikipagtulungan kay President Duterte in building a better Philippines.”

Sarifa told Robredo to reiterate this advice in the next election to make Duterte’s good governance as basis when Filipinos return to polling stations again to vote in 2022. “Advice nyo po ulit yan next presidential election para yong good governance ni Pres. Duterte and pagbabasihan namin ng aming iboboto.”

Sarifa remarked Robredo lacks or has zero credibility to pontificate about performance and she is the perfect example. “At base naman sa performance mo sa pagkabise president wala ka namang maayos na governance natanggal ka as drug czar, natanggal ka din sa HUDCC.”

Sarifa ended the FB post with a sarcastic message to Robredo. “Keep it up madam, campaign against yourself and your party. You are doing a great job…”

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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