Kerwin Espinosa tags de Lima as protector; says he gave 8M pesos to de Lima’s senate bid

“Sabi ni Mam (de Lima), bago mag-elekyson makabigay ka ng P8 million.”

This is the reply of confessed drug lord Kerwin Espinosa when asked to confirm the rumor circulating on social media about Senator Leila de Lima.

According to him, he gave a total 8 million pesos to the senatorial bid of then Justice Secretary de Lima in several tranches that started in 2015 until the earlier part of 2016.

Kerwin Espinosa made the confession during the resumption of the Senate committee on public order’s probe into the death of the elder Espinosa — Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa, who was killed in  a bloody search operation inside the Baybay City sub-provincial jail on November 5.

The younger Espinosa told members of the  Senate committee on public order that Ronnie Dayan first contacted him while visiting Batangas for a diving trip.

Espinosa recalled hesitating about giving Dayan the money who introduced himself as driver/bodyguard of the Secretary of Justice (de Lima) because “illegalista” like him don’t normally deal with people in the government.

He said he consulted the slain Jeffrey “Jaguar” Diaz about it and when the late “Jaguar” gave him the go-signal, he talked to Peter Co over the phone to discuss about giving money to de Lima.

From here, Kerwin said he negotiated with Dayan to give 700,000 pesos a month as protection money instead of the initial 2M-peso asked by de Lima’s driver/bodyguard.

Kerwin said he met Dayan in MOA, Bldg. A,  5th floor of the parking lot to delivery the P2-million “good will” money.

Kerwin Espinosa also told members of the Senate committee on public order that he personally met then DOJ Secretary de Lima in Burnham park in Baguio City in November 2015.

He said asked Dayan to arrange a meeting with then DOJ Secretary de Lima as an assurance that Dayan was not collecting money from him without the blessing of the Justice secretary.

Kerwin said he asked Dayan to meet de Lima in Metro Manila but Dayan thumbed down the meeting in Metro Manila because there are many watching eyes.

Dayan told Kerwin that they could meet in Baguio City since the then DOJ Secretary was scheduled to visit the city.

Kerwin said he initially did not like the idea because Baguio is quite far but in the end, he agreed to Dayan’s suggestion.

In the Baguio meeting, Kerwin Espinosa said he delivered money again to de Lima through Ronnie Dayan.

He said he asked Dayan a favor if he and his family could have a picture with de Lima, Dayan told him its ok but he could not expect Maam Secretary to speak to him in public.

You may watch the video below for more details…

Kerwin Espinosa says he gave a total of ₱8 million to Sen. Leila De Lima.

— CNN Philippines (@cnnphilippines) November 23, 2016

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