Kiko Pangilinan engaged in unfair labor practices in Cavite ‘hacienda’? College students inadvertently discovered anomaly while doing thesis

A post alleging that a company owned by an LP politician is guilty of unfair labor practices has been making the rounds online.

Credits to Leni Robredo Fashion Diary

Credits to photo owner

The anomaly was inadvertently discovered by a group of college students from Visayas State University while doing their school thesis.

The company, Sweet Spring Country Farm, is owned by Sen. Francis Pangilinan. The 3-hectare farm is located in Alfonso, Cavite.

The Facebook page, “Leni Robredo Fashion Diary” posted the allegation in behalf of the students who wants to remain anonymous.

The allegations include no OT, long working hours, some employees have no SSS, below minimum wage and no 13th month pay.

Credits to photo owner

Credits to photo owner

Credits to photo owner

Read the complete details of the post below.

Kiko Pangilinan owns Sweet Spring Country Farm. It is a ~3 hectares of farm land (~30,000 sqm) situated in an emerging growth area of Region IVa: Alfonso Cavite.

He acquired this land (either by lease or acquisition) on 2012, just two years into his Chairmanship of the Philippine Senate Agriculture and Food Committee.
[ 😧 Ang BILIS talaga ng ASENSO pag nasa POSITION ka. Angat ang nasa Laylayan!]

Merong gumawa ng thesis at eto ang nakalagay sa working conditions and hours of work ng mga trabahador duon:

• Hindi lahat ay may SSS, Philhealth at 13th Month Pay.
😧 [Ehem… bawal yan. Hindi rin pwedeng ipalit sa 13th Month Pay ang free housing, etc.]

• And minimum pay ay 250/day– o 6,500/month
😧 [Ehem…hindi ba dapat e 261/day ang minimum?]

• Working hours is 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (10 HRS!!!)]
😧 [Ehem… 8 hours ang minimum hours of work. 9 hours total kasama ang break time]

Hay NAKU…. Kung accurate man ang Thesis na ito, Kiko Pangilinan, sana mahiya ka sa naman. Wala kang pinagkaiba sa mga Cojuangco.

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