Kiko Pangilinan mulls filing charges vs Locsin for violating RA 6713; netizen says calling Robredo “BOBA” proof PH democracy is as alive & kicking as PRRD

The supporters of Leni Robredo are up in arms following DFA Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin’s “BOBA” remark on Twitter.

Robredo’s #1 supporter Senator Kiko Pangilinan has strongly condemned DFA Sec. Teddy Boy Locsin on Facebook for disrespecting the Vice-President with the “BOBA” remark Twitter.

Pangilinan described Secretary Locsin’s behavior very unprofessional and should be held liable by filing the appropriate charges for violating RA 6713 or Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

Bagamat nag-sorry na si Secretary Locsin mariing pa rin nating kinokondena ang kanyang pambabastos, panlalait at pang-iinuslto kay VP Leni Robredo sa social media.

Ang ganitong klase ng panlalait at pambabastos ay walang puwang sa isang sibilisadong lipunan at lalo na na nanggagaling sa Kalihim ng Department of Foreign Affairs ang tanggapan na nangunguna sa pambansang diplomasya.

Ang naging kilos ni Secretary Locsin ay labag sa RA 6713 o ang Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees.

Napaka ‘unprofessional’ ng kanyang pang-iinsulto at panlalait at dapat siyang makasuhan at managot.

Of course, SFA Locsin has found an ally from PRRD supporters, including a Mon Cualoping, government official.

Cualoping defended Locsin from the supporters of Robredo, who swarmed upon SFA Locsin on Twitter and Facebook like angry bees for the “BOBA” remark.

Cualoping lamented the double standard of the Robredo supporters (Hi Kiko!) and twisted logic that goes like this: It’s wrong if critics of Leni Robredo call her “BOBA”; cursing and slandering the President, they call this being WOKE.

Cualoping described this as the “greatest hypocrisy of all.”

The greatest hypocrisy of all.

Them name calling Duterte, cursing and slandering the President to the lowest hells. They call this being WOKE.

But when they are name called, it is bastos.

Not just hypocrites. They are snowflakes.

Can somebody explain to them what “PAR FOR THE COURSE” is?

Writer Karlo Antonio Galay David, echoed the sentiments of Cualoping.

However, David defended the rights of the Duterte supporters to call Robredo anything they want, like “BOBA” including Locsin just as their right to call Duterte with names and his supporters using unpleasant names because this is the spirit of democracy.

Check out David’s full FB post below.

You are allowed to call Duterte a mass murderer, a fascist, amisogynist, a lackey of the US or of China or of ASEAN, a coward, an alien reptile.

You are allowed to call his followers ‘retards,’ cult followers, paid hacks, traitors to the country, imperialists.

And we are allowed to call Leni Robredo ‘boba,’ and call you Communists, legally ugly ogres, jacking Jims, foot lickers, award-inventors, bilat warriors, and woke pussies.

This is the right to offend. This is the spirit of Je Suis Charlie.

This is Philippine democracy, and it’s as alive and kicking as Digong, bitches.


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