Kiko Pangilinan’s call for detained Leila De Lima to attend senate hearing gets unlikely support from DDS blogger/lawyer but sets 3 conditions

This is not the first time the allies of Senator Leila de Lima have called on the senate leadership to allow the detained senator to attend the senate sessions.

In 2017, de Lima’s colleagues even pushed for de Lima to join senate sessions via teleconferencing. This did not push through because public opinion was against it. [Link here]

But for the nth time, they have been unsuccessful.

However, a window of opportunity has opened slightly for the detained senator accused of illegal dr*g-related cases after the senate has started an inquiry on the controversial GCTA law after it was exposed that thousands of prisoners convicted of heinous crimes have been released via this law.

In case you missed it, De Lima and Roxas prepared the IRR (implementing rules and regulation) hence their names have cropped up.

However, senators who spearheaded the senate probe have been hesitant to invite de Lima to the senate probe for fear of public backlash.

But de Lima’s allies like Pangilinan has suggested that since the Bicolana senator have been implicated, she should be allowed to attend the senate probe to shed light on the issue.

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Of course, public opinion is not in favor until now.

But things could shift to de Lima’s favor after staunch Duterte supporter and defender lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles has expressed support for Kiko Pangilinan’s call for detained Senator Leila de Lima to attend the senate hearing on the GCTA law.

But……she has set three conditions. You may continue reading below to know what they are. And please comment below to state your position on the issue. Thanks!

Suuuure, Sen. Kiko. Huway nat? Pero dapat may kundisyon. she attends as a resource person and not as senator. Furthermore:

1. Leila Delima should be treated like an ordinary detention prisoner. She should be dressed in yellow and handcuffed. Kung pwede leg manacles din para hndi tumakbo.

2. Delima should be treated the way senators treat resource persons they DON’T like. Cut her off. Dont allow her to finish what she is saying. Threaten her with contempt. Interrupt her. Or let her sit there while the senator/s go on and on and on and on about topics we had forgotten.

3. And finally, like Faeldon, pressure Delima to resign as senator.

Game, senator Kiko?

Your comment?

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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