Kin of dead Davao ‘journalist’ speaks up, defends Duterte from malicious rumor peddled by trolls

As Mayor Rodrigo Duterte sits atop the latest SWS survey among the Presidential candidates, the rival camps have been busy concocting and throwing all sorts of black propaganda to dislodge the erstwhile leader from the pedestal and believed me, it’s getting uglier each passing day.

Well, we really don’t know if the paid hacks aided by Duterte haters from the rival camps are succeeding in their black propaganda campaign against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, but one thing is certain though, some are way, way off the mark. Why? We will get to that in a short while.

A case in point is the allegation made by a Philippine Daily Inquirer journalist in the person of Antonio Montalvan against Duterte when he wrote this,

Consider the deaths of three prominent, hard-hitting anti-Duterte journalists: Jun Pala (killed September 2003), Ferdie Lintuan (killed December 2007 after exposing the alleged misuse of public funds in the construction of the Davao Peoples’ Park), and Rene Galope (killed November 2004 after criticizing the mayor’s management style). All killings remain unsolved to this day. This is what we must fear in a Duterte presidency—he will revise history. He will bring back “the days of wrath.

That led to this…

This has come to the attention of Angeli Bueza Galope, one of the kins of the alleged victims of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s atrocities and wasted no time to debunk the black propaganda against the Mayor of Davao City. Please read her statement below in full:

Time to give my two cents on this black propaganda thing. Hurrah for you, Mr. Montalvan for spreading false rumors on the internet. First of all, my late grandfather was not a journalist. Second, my family knows the whole story of how and why he was murdered and it doesn’t match your version (it’s not even close). Third, justice has already been served. Fourth, you’re pathetic and you disgust me. Get your facts straight.

As of this writing, there is no statement yet from the camp of the PDI journalist in relation to the statement of the kin of one of the alleged victims.

In the meantime, we are all waiting with bated breath what will happen next. This election is slowly living up to the hype that the 2016 election is going to be decided by the social media.

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