Kris Aquino for President anyone? Ex-DLSU prof answers question whether necropolitics will still work in 2022

The supporters of President Duterte are apprehensive that Liberal party and their Oligarch friends will capitalize on the passing of former President Noynoy Aquino as a vehicle to return power in the up and coming national election in 2022 just like when Cory Aquino died before the 2016 election.

However, if you ask former De LaSalle History professor Van Ybiernas, this fears is unfounded and not worthy of losing sleep.

But before that, Ybiernas expressed his sentiment on PNoy’s passing.

I’m neither happy nor sad that Noynoy Aquino is dead.

He used to be president of the country, yes, but I didn’t vote for or support him.

He’s a stranger to me.

There’s no reason for me to be happy or sad that he’s dead.”

Ybiernas warned what to expect after the brief mourning period.

“That said, I’m sure that after a brief mourning period, necropolitics will be in full swing.”

“But who will capitalize?” Ybiernas asked.

Ybiernas answered his previous question but quick to warn the Yellows that things are different now.

“Kris Aquino seems to be the most logical answer. Kaya lang, the Yellows will find out that 2022 is not 2010.”

Ybiernas attributed the success of Yellows in 2010 election because of two factors: GMA’s unpopularity and GMA’s fractured allies.

“Noong 2010 mahina ang admin candidate at saka discredited si GMA. Fractured ang mga allies ni GMA because of her unpopularity.”

However, 2022 is different according to Ybiernas because the situation is different now. President Duterte is the most popular president of the country, ever!

“2022 is not like that. In 2022, it is the Yellows that are unpopular because of their anay politics (gusto nila sirain ang bansa mula sa loob). President Duterte is the most popular president of the country. Ever!”

Ybiernas broke bad news to the Yellow supporters who are pinning their hope that PNoy’s passing will herald the resurgence of the Liberal Party and catapult them to 2022 victory, reminiscent of 2010 election.

“Filipinos are also clamoring for continuity of the many accomplishments of the Duterte presidency.”

2022 is not 2010,” Ybiernas stressed.


Source: Van Ybiernas

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