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Kris Aquino’s Instagram post that says “she’s a queen with a little bit of savage” goes viral

Kris Aquino viral instagram postKris Aquino viral instagram post

Kris Aquino viral instagram post

Recently, the husband of Balsy Aquino was implicated in the right-of-way scam in General Santos City that swindled the government P8.7B.

The witness was presented to the media in a news conference and implicated former Budget Secretary Butch Abad and former DPWH Secretary Rogelio Singson as the other main players of the road scam.

Meanwhile, Kris Aquino took to instagram to send a strong warning to people whom she accused of spreading unfounded lies against her Ate Balsy and her husband.

On Instagram, Kris Aquino writes:

krisaquino: This is a simple, CLEAR & REAL message. In our family, I love my siblings. BUT i believe it is obvious- my Ate is my FAVORITE. By Ate i mean our eldest, we only have 1 Ate, everyone else is first name basis only… i could go into a super long story, but this is just an example of my life’s truth- come what may, even at my worst- she still loved me. It’s not a secret i was disowned, but when i gave birth to Kuya Josh she was my 1 sibling who was there in the hospital. That’s just how she is- she has loved me unconditionally. No judgment, just a reassurance that i’d never be alone because she always believed i’d manage to right my life’s wrongs- that is FAITH. So this is me saying- HURT HER by spreading more unfounded lies about her & her husband and you will really push me to my very worst. I mean it when i say for my Ate i will take a bullet. Or worse, make the worst nightmare of all Aquino haters come true… P.S. Politics aside, like this if you’re like me & you LOVE your Ate. ❤️

Credits to Fashion Pulis.

Kris Aquino’s instagram post has quickly gone viral, garnering 18,897 likes in 24 hours.

However, not all were sympathetic to Kris and her family.

edchingjr writes: “Ayan ang problema.. Kapag ang aquino ang umatake sa marcos, ok lang walang nasasabi o kaya kapag naninira ang dilaw sa iba ok lang. pero kapag ang aquino ang naatake, super galit ang mga yan.. Stop threatening the Yellow haters. If you want to defend your brother in law, do it in the court of law not in a post.. How about how the aquino handled the Mamasapano and Yolanda incident? Such a shame!! You have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide!!”

iamdocfaith asks: “So hindi na lang paiimbestigahan ang accusations kasi mahu-hurt ang ate mo @krisaquino? Ganern?! 😂😂😂😂”

irisduymd says: “Defend yourselves in court… stop threatening people who hates your family”

Meanwhile, Kris Aquino’s legion of fans lauded the younger Aquino for running to her Ate’s rescue.

itsmisscristine comments: “Ate @krisaquino stay strong and be positive all the time… God bless you and your family, especially sa ate mo 😘”

missariennejan writes: “To miss @krisaquino I met your sister wayback in 2012 during the agapp building innauguration. Yung alam mong totoo siya sa amin. Kaming mga teacher pag tinatanong niya: napapangiti lang kami at starstrucked at that time sa kanya. God bless her more po”

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