Kris Aquino’s medical certificate elicits funny comments from netizens — Medical Certificate ba ito or entry sa Essay Writing Contest?

As the title says, Kris Aquino’s medical certificate has elicited funny comments from netizens, especially from known anti-Dilawan blogger Edwin Jamora aka Maria Elena.

In a Facebook post, Jamora asked whether it was a medical cert or an entry for an Essay Writing contest.

He added people does not care really whether Ms. Aquino needs deworming or what.

Medical Certificate ba ito or entry sa Essay Writing Contest?

Sa true lang, pe me pakealam ba people kung me purga ang qui qui nyam blue?! Waley.


Here are some of the comments of Jamora’s FB followers.

Self centered talaga etong si kristeta. Pag tumulong hindi pwedeng “hindi ipamukha sa tao kung ano naibigay nya at sya dapat ay laging bida”, Tatak Aquino talaga. Self entitled, laging may vested interest! Manang-mana sa mga magulang! Ibang klase kung anong breeding meron sya. Mukhang Pati Doktor dinektahan kung ano isusulat nya sa kanyang med certificate

Jusmeyo para que naman drama yan.. pakialam vah ng sambayanan tapos na kabanata ninyo ..attention seeker!

Agree, TMI. Attention seeking, self absorbed, I am the Center of the universe attitude. Lots of people donated with no fanfare

Excuse letter po yan. Wag po kayong ano. 😅😅😅

Okay na sana eh, doon sa last paragraph ako naloka : “to make Filipinos feel her love & compassion during their most vulnerable time.” Kailangan talagang included yun sa med cert 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

What a relief, based on his stationery this “doctor” is not affiliated with the most prestigious medical center in the country. Was he a product of USTE, hope not

Hmm batchmate ko sa UST med. Nag-deactivate ata ng FB at wala na sya sa friendslist ko.

Langya ung sa dulo ang ngbigay ng climax ng story eh me talento si doctor pwede na syang scripwriter ng MMK😂😂😂

Let us end the post by sharing the comment from a nurse.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the proper entries to be used in the Medical Report. This Dr. Anthony N. Piano is a clear MD “kono” is it MONEY DOCTOR? He ruined the names of the 3 hospitals whom he was affiliated as well as he’s a big shame to his Alma Mater.-RN here


Source: Edwin Jamora

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