Krizette Chu exposes hypocrisies of women activists behind #BabaeAko social campaign in viral FB post

Recently the hashtag #BabaeAko trended on Twitter and Facebook led by women activists and celebrities associated with the Liberal Party.

The social media campaign #BabaeAko aims to fight the President’s sexist and misogynistic behavior.

The #BabaeAko social media campaign has gained a following, particularly from the likes of journalist Inday Varona Espina and women critical of President Duterte.

However, Manila Bulletin lifestyle editor Krizette Laureta Chu and a known Duterte supporter found the argument of the #BabaeAko campaign weak.

Chu went on to dismantle the #BabaeAko campaign of Duterte’s critics by highlighting the hypocrisies of the proponents in several issues involving women not their kind.

“Babae ako…

And then insults Mocha for her past.

Babae ako…

And then tells Honeylet she doesn’t have any right to be called First Lady kasi “kabit” lang siya.

Babae ako…

And then calls Associate Justice Teresita de Castro names just because she went against Aquino puppet Sereno.

Babae ako…

And then insults Kat de Castro’s size just because she’s pro Duterte.

Babae ako…

And then insults Lorraine Badoy, Sass Sasot, and any other pro-government personality.

Babae ako…

But let’s find a way to discredit Patricia Bautista and even use her own mom against her even when Andy is a sexual deviant and a cheating lying corrupt person because this issue will reflect on Leni.

Babae ako…

And then calls Persida Acosta insulting names for being head of PAO.

Babae ako…

And then says nothing about the wives of the married men their female leaders have dalliances with.


Wag nga kami.”

As of this writing, Chu’s post has gathered 1,342 shares, 7,919 reactions and 333 comments on Facebook.

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