Krizette Chu reacts to Mar Roxas attempting “Mr. Bean” impersonation in viral video: “The thing that made him NOT President”

A video of Mar Roxas showing his playful and wacky side while wife Korina having a blast at her husband’s antics has been making the rounds online.

In the video, Mar pretends to fall to the ground due to exhaustion while pushing a luggage cart carrying a couple of luggages belonging to his wife Korina.

In the background, two women can be heard laughing while watching Mar did his Mr. Bean impersonation.

At one point in the 16-second video, Korina can be heard telling Mar that she can do it – meaning pushing the luggage cart.

“Honey, kaya ko yan! Ito na lang ikaw.”

As of this writing, the video has garnered more than 100,000 views, 345 shares, 6,353 mixed reactions and 448 comments on Facebook.

An obviously amused Mellie Poblete Nazaire writes: “The Future President of the Philippines is still very young at heart😀😀😀 It’s great to see you are enjoying your life with your family.”

Freda Linda Reyes-Lupac says with regret in her voice that we would have been a joyful nation had Mar Roxas won. “Oh, Mar, what a joyful nation we could be if we have you to lead us. We will keep on praying…”

Antonio E Pailan says he is happy seeing Mar enjoying life like any normal fellow. “Good to see Mar enjoying every moment of being a just normal fellow..That must be the luggages of Ma’m i supposed..”

Meanwhile, Mar Roxas’ video has a fair share of haters too.

A sarcastic Krizette Laureta Chu thanks Mar Roxas for the kinds words to mark the 4th year anniversary of the Yolanda tragedy.

Mar Roxas posted this yesterday, on the eve of Yolanda, the thing that made him NOT PRESIDENT.

Ang cute mo, Mar. Super pabebe ka.

Thank you pala for the very kind words of commemoration and sympathy for the fourth anniversary of Yolanda.

Ay, wala pala. Sayang, we were expecting some sort of message from the “HERO” (can I please have a copy of that komiks) of Yolanda.

King iners mo Mar. Enjoy your vacation.

Siegfred Viigilancia Lasu-ay is a bit harsh at Mar. Mar Pati sa pagtulak hindi marunong ano pa kaya sambayanan ang hawakan na bumagsak na.

Hawthorne N Banez remarks: “The video clip is not very appropriate to a man of his stature….not worth a vote!”

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