Krizette Chu says President Duterte being attacked by former allies like Gordon, Isko, Koko is validation he did not change a bit

How do you know Duterte is the real deal?

This is the question posed by Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu to netizens amid the bitter word war between President Duterte vs politicians who came on board after he was sworn in as President.

Because all the old established politicians who supported him are now pulling away, Chu answered her question.

Chu reasoned that all these politicians abandoned ship and now attacking the President after they found it the President have no use for them or did not get what they want. She went on to cite a list of politicians who joined forces with, pledged allegiance but now, Duterte’ sworn enemies.

Wala kasi silang pakinabang sa kanya Kasi Hindi niya sila napagbigyan sa mga gusto nila. Everyone, from Alvarez to Pacquiao to Isko, to Gordon to Koko, the minute they saw he is not a useful ally, they have turned against him.

Chu jogged the memory of netizens in case they have forgotten what President Duterte said during his first SONA.

Remember what Duterte said in his first SONA? “Wala ni isa sa inyo nag suporta sa akin. Maybe just one or two governors. The rest, Wala. Totoo man. Now I’m here.”

So don’t forget: Duterte started with no support. And if he ends with no support than it will be nothing to someone who’s used to being a lone wolf, Chu wrote.

Chu explained that Duterte losing support from politicians like Gordon, Sotto, Lacson is not something alarming to her book.

If Duterte lost their support it’s because he refused to play the game that these politicians have played for many many years. An old man who doesn’t play the old boys’ network game.

So if you think it’s an insult to Duterte to be losing the support of trapos, think again, Chu insisted.

What is worrisome, Chu argued, is Duterte hobnobbing with these TRAPOS in parties and BFFs until the end of his term.

Mas matakot ang mga supporters ni Duterte if he ends this term as one of them—kissing their cheeks in parties and being great friends with the political establishment.

Chu argued that President Duterte being demonized by former allies, Koko, Gordon, Isko is a validation that President Duterte did not change one bit.

Him being demonized by the likes of former allies like Gordon and Isko and Koko—all musty politicians who know their way around the bureaucracy— is exactly the validation we need that the Presidency didn’t change Rodrigo Duterte one bit.


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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