Krizette Chu slams Sen. de Lima’s plan to probe Chinese influx to PH and remarks: “Budburan ng katangahan”. Read why!

According to an ABS-CBN article, detained Senator Leila de Lima wants to conduct a senate probe on the influx of Chinese nationals into the country.

De Lima remarked that the Chinese immigration surge is stealing jobs away from ordinary Filipinos and drive prices of the property market to increase on many developed areas.


However, Sen. de Lima’s plan was shot down even before it could gain traction.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a known Duterte supporter took to Facebook and swatted away de Lima’s proposal in one swift motion.

Chu remarked that de Lima’s plan reeks of stupidity and went on to junk de Lima’s assertion that the Chinese are responsible for the surge of property market prices.

Check Krizette Laureta Chu’s post below.

Budburan ng katangahan. Ilang hundreds of years na ba may “influx” ng Chinese dito?

Na una pa ang mga Chinese dito kesa Spaniards.

Kelan nagka surge? Lately? Ultimo yung master nilang Noynoying, may Chinese blood, tapos papa imbestigahan na naman ang issue na ito para lang pang distract sa mga krimen at pagnanakaw nila.

Mga tanga.

At hindi cause ang mga Chinese mag drive up ng property prices. Look at how they live their lives, yung mga GI (Genuine Intsik) na nasa Divi, sa tabi tabi lang naka tira.

Yung mga American and other white expats are the reason more Filipinos cannot afford Greenbelt, Rockwell, Dasma, Forbes, and BGC. They are very willing to pay 300k a month rent in houses.

Mabulok ka sana diyan.

Joseph Randall Cruz disagrees with de Lima: “Pre-colonial times pa yang Chinese influx na yan. Rizal is even part Chinese. Anong problema ni de Lima? Trying to be relevant parin ba?”

Netizen Vey Kar comments that the Chinese influx started 5 years ago, during Pnoy’s term. “The building in which our little office is a tenant has a *lot* of Chinese working for I really don’t know what company. They’re mostly young professionals in their early 20’s. They live in nearby condo’s and sometimes I see them alighting from their van-service. I noticed their “influx” more than 5 years ago pa — that’s right — during Noynoy’s administration. So what the hell is this crazy lady talking about?”

Joana Rama says the opposition are using the Chinese as their black propaganda prop. “Anything against China para sa kanilang black propaganda. Anything to destroy the will of the President to be friends with China. Basta kahit anong balita laban sa China para mabahala ang masa pero pinagloloko lang nila sarili nila. Hay naku.”

Rick Forment remarks that this is nothing but a diversionary tactic of LP to deflect the issue way from the missing Philhealth issue. “isang malaking DIVERSIONARY TACTIC ng LP kasi nabubuksan ang issue sa Philhealth… damay2 kasi sila sakaling mapatunayan na winaldas ng di tama ang 10B pesos”

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