Krizette Chu to VP Robredo: Is AIKA a full scholar of Harvard? If yes, great! If no, how is her education going to be funded?

While the Robredo’s are still in jubilant mood in light of Aika’s admission to Harvard, a blogger identified with Duterte wants to rain on their parade.

Socmed blogger Krizette Laureta Chu took to Facebook playing the spoiler’s role by demanding answers from Leni Robredo surrounding the nature of Aika’s Harvard scholarship and the funding.

As a public official, Leni Robredo can’t complain for the following reasons: 1. she is a public property and 2.  she owes it to the public to show transparency regarding her finances just like when filing her SALN.

Confused? Well, let me direct your attention to the full text of Krizette’s Facebook post below for your enligtenment.

People, if Aika Robredo is a FULL scholar of Harvard, props to her. That is a VERY VERY hard thing to achieve. Admission to Harvard is hard enough. Getting a full scholarship? Stuff of magic.

All people want to know from Leni, whose SALN reflects only P8M, is if Aika indeed does not have to pay for anything at Harvard.

Leave the Marcoses out of this. We all know the Marcoses stole billions. I don’t need to know how much Marcos stole so a generation of Marcoses (or two, or three, or four–we may never know) can go send their kids abroad without having to really work for it. They probably stole enough that 10 generations of Marcoses can study in the best schools in the world.

Now that is out of the way, I want to know NOW in this SITUATION if Aika is truly a financial scholar (as in she doesn’t have to pay anything) or if she is paying her way to Harvard, where Leni is getting the money.

That’s a valid question because she is the VP of the Philippines. And Corona died of heartbreak because of inconsistencies in his SALN. Now we need to know how someone who only has P8M can afford to send a kid to Harvard.

So, Madam Leni, is AIKA a full scholar of Harvard? If yes, great! If no, how is her education going to be funded?

EDIT: RATES are from the HARVARD KENNEDY website, which Aika will be attending.
NOTE: HARVARD puts a disclaimer that says THE AMOUNT POSTED IS MINIMUM NEEDED. Minimum.

One full year is about $82,000, inclusive of room. Lets say Aika gets an allowance of 2,000 a month for food, etc. That’s 24,000. Let’s just say her entire stay costs her $100,000. That is about P5 million pesos. Leni only has P8M.

She has two more kids.

Valid question, right? For both her supporters (so you know who you really are supporting; you cant choose one thief over another, right) and her detractors (so you know to wish Aika well because much as you hate Leni, an achievement is an achievement.)

Your thoughts, please!


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