Krizette Laureta Chu rallies DDS supporters to fight versus Rappler and Facebook alliance: “Nobody can shut you up except yourself. Fight.”

Nobody can shut you up except yourself. Fight.

These are the fighting words of a popular pro-Duterte social media blogger to DDS (Duterte supporters) who expressed leaving Facebook after the social media giant hooked up with Rappler, Vera Files and Inquirer.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a social media blogger on her spare time and a lifestyle magazine editor by day, took to Facebook telling Duterte supporters not to quit Facebook just because Rappler, Vera Files and Inquirer have been given the key, figuratively speaking, to police the popular social media platform from fake news.

“If you do, then you are giving them their wish on a silver platter: ownership of the Internet,” Chu remarked.

Chu reassured the DDS supporters that the government is not taking this development lightly and has already taken steps as a countermeasure to Facebook and Rappler’s union.

“First of all, Malacanang is talking with FB to discuss this and protest the designation of Rappler, which has produced so many fake stories of their own already (funny, no?). That’s per PCOO’s Lorraine Marie T. Badoy. Thank you for this, PCOO.

Second of all, they can only check veracity of news sites and not personal accounts. So, unless you are a news site, Rappler does not have power of your account. You can even post, “Rappler is the best news agency” and you won’t be flagged for fake news.

Third of all, has Duterte not taught you anything about battles and how they are won? You don’t run or hide or move away, you fight to the finish. And we, kids, are the kind to fight to the finish. (We don’t die, we multiply. 😜)”

Chu reiterated her appeal to DDS supporters not to leave Facebook in light of this development.

So those people going around asking people to move–please no. Wala sa bokabularyo natin ang give up give up. Ang liit na bagay nito, considering what we all have been through. They have poured billions to destabilize, and you’re cowed by a little thing called Rappler?

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