“Kulang talaga sa iodine ang kabila.” — Atty. Trixie on critics spreading conspiracy theories re President Duterte skipping enthronement of new Japanese emperor

President Duterte’s abrupt Japan visit, where he was supposed to attend the enthronement of Japan’s new Emperor has given rise to conspiracy theories, courtesy of the Opposition camp regarding President Duterte’s health and departure.

An obviously annoyed Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, a known President Duterte supporter and tireless social media defender, described the critics of the President as people who lacks iodine in their system.

Angeles recalled that when the news first broke out that the President was leaving Japan earlier than scheduled because of back pain, no one reacted.

And then out of the blue, someone from the opposition camp came up with the conspiracy theory that it was not true President was sick but simply made up that excuse to save face from the embarrassment of not getting seated side by side with other Heads of States because of protocol? Angeles called this speculative and and lamented the opposition camp are suffering from miseducation.

When the Palace announced that President Duterte will have a medical checkup, the embarrassed Opposition camp demanded to tell the public the truth.

Angeles, with a tinge of sadness in her voice, remarked o matter what that the administration does, it will not make the Opposition happy.

Angeles then took the time to enlightened the Opposition camp that protocols in state functions is not first come, first serve basis. Angeles added that when you are a Head of State, the host will not insult you unless the host country wants a diplomatic incident.

You may read Trixie Cruz-Angeles original FB post below.

Una, sinabi ng Palasyo na uuwi si PRRD ahead of schedule dahil masakit ang likod.

Walang kumibo.

Tapos may humanash, di daw tutoong may sakit. Napahiya lang kasi dahil late nagpasabi, hindi siya pauupuin sa heads of state. (shungang speculative post, ano magagawa natin? Grabe na talaga ang state of miseducation sa kabilang parlor)

Naglabas uli ng amnouncement na magpapa tingin si pangulo.

Sumagot na naman, kesyo tell us the true state of health of the president!

Wala talagang ikaliligaya dun sa kabila.

PS. Hindi o first come first serve ang protoccols sa state functions. Pag head of state ka, hindi ka iinsultuhin ng host mo unless gusto nila ng diplomatic incident.

Kulang talaga sa iodine ang kabila.

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