“Kung gusto ninyong magbawas ng funding, yung sa Office of the Vice President na lang” — Atty. Trixie to Leni Robredo

VP Leni Robredo just issued a statement questioning the release of the NTF-ELCAC funds which runs in billions of pesos. Robredo thinks the funds should have been put to good use like making sure no Filipinos go hungry while the country is facing a pandemic.

On that note, the Luminous, especially Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles took to Facebook to express one’s thoughts on Robredo’s statement regarding the release of the NTF-ELCAC budget.

Atty. Trixie remarked that she found it understandable like Robredo that government needs to deal with the pandemic. However, she just can’t wrap around her head why she singled out NTF-ELCAC when it addresses our national security issue? Terrorism, according to Atty. Trixie, is a threat to our lives, livelihood and public safety.

“Understandable yung need na asikasuhin ang pandemiya. Pero why single out NTF ELCAC na siyang naga-address ng isang NATIONAL SECURITY issue? Ang terrorismo ay peligro sa buhay, kabuhayan at kaligtasan ng taong bayan.”

Atty. Trixie wrapped up the post by issuing a dare to Leni Robredo if she was really serious in preventing Filipinos from going hungry.

“Kung gusto ninyong magbawas ng funding, yung sa Office of the Vice President na lang. Higit sa P700M yun.”

Netizens wasted no time in vocalizing their antagonistic stance versus Robredo’s statement expressing the cancellation of the release of the NTF-ELCAC budget while the country is facing a pandemic.

“Is she pro-Philippines or pro-terrorists? Because with her soundbites, she is increasingly showing that she does not have Filipinos welfare in mind…” asked a concerned netizen.

Another netizen said that Robredo is simply showing she is out of touch with the realities on the ground. “Once more, vp Leni exposes herself as disconnected with reality. NTF-ELCAC precisely is government strategy to reach out to far-flung conflict areas building concrete access roads, schools, extending livelihoods, government services where local governments have difficulty providing social services.Her pronouncements put her one with group who wants to weaken our government and eventually surrender to insurgents who have opposite belief, different flag, different national anthem, different style of justice system.”

In line with Atty. Trixie’s sentiment, a netizen dared Robredo to lead by example.

“Lead the way aling leni, set an example, slash 30%of your budgets THEN you could talk about budget cutting,. even then your department still part of the government, DONT BE A WHINER!”

“I don’t think she understands even the slightest bit the magnitude and enormity of the responsibilities of the President. How can anyone think she can run this country let alone make this country flourish?” a bewildered netizen asked.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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