Kung pahirapan lang at naging successful e di si Manny Villar nalang — Krizette Chu on poverty as main criteria for next PH leader

If growing up poor and became successful are the main qualification/criteria in this election, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu wrote that Manny Villar is the most qualified since he tops them all in terms of wealth.

Chu confided to her thousands of Facebook followers that she found it amusing and wondered why these presidential aspirants are reducing the criteria for president to a pissing contest, like who among between them was the poorest growing up when they could have announced that that their presidency will be about war on drugs, war on NPA blah, blah?

Kakatawa, yung criteria sa election nato pahirapan nung lumalaki. Di ba pwede war on drugs, war on NPA, infra, development, navigating post COVID world?

Chu said that the moment you heard these presidential aspirants say “I experienced poverty that is why I should be the next president” you know they have no platform of governance.

Alam mo agad yung mga walang plataporma because they will run on “Naranasan ko ang hirap kaya ako dapat ang maging Presidente,” o kaya “Nag basura ako kaya ako dapat maging Presidente.”

Chu wrapped up the brief FB post by leaving netizens who are leaning towards voting for either of the two presidential aspirants peddling their poverty sob stories to win votes something to ponder on.

Kung pahirapan lang at naging successful e di si Manny Villar nalang kasi mas mayaman pa sa inyo lahat. Lol

Here are some of the reactions of netizens via their comments below to Chu’s FB post.

Drama is the new political policy, wrote one netizen.

Pwede din po si sec. Art tugade galing din sa mahirap. Lol, suggested another netizen.

Gusto nila ipadama din sa lahat ng mga Pilipino kung anong hirap na nadaanan nila nung lumaki sila 🥴 so, buckle up your seat belt guys, this will be a difficult ride 🥴 literally 😂, warned another netizen.

Mga halatang wlang alam sa ppsukin.. wlang vision para sa pilipinas kundi ipagyabng sarili nila.. please do not vote for Manny Pacquiao and Isko Moreno Domagoso..chimed in another netizen.

Borrowing the logic of the presidential aspirants, this netizen figured he is also qualified to run for President.

Pwede rin pala ako mam naranasan ko rin ang hirap ng buhay yun ba ang qualifications🤣🤣🤣🍿🍿🍿😝😝😝 funny talaga hays! Walang plataporma?


Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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