La Sall prof on Kris Aquino’s “you owe us your freedom” viral instagram post: “What inflated sense of importance! Ulol!”

On instagram, Kris Aquino told critics that the public owes the freedom they are enjoying today to his Dad Ninoy.

Kris Aquino’s instagram post has elicited mixed reactions from netizens on social media but the most notable reaction came from a professor of a prestigious university.

Credits to Van Ybiernas for sharing the screen grab photo.

La Salle history professor Van Ybiernas took to Facebook to express his take on Kris Aquino’s instagram post calling haters of the Aquino family “ingrates” for badmouthing their family whom the public owe so much.

On Facebook, Ybiernas writes:

“What inflated sense of importance! Ulol!

The nation doesn’t owe anything to any single person. An individual can only do so much. It is the nation that allows the individual to accomplish the big things they are able to accomplish.

Truth is your father, mother and entire family owe this country, not the other way around.

This post disgusts me…”

Let us read the reaction of the netizens below and see if they agree with Prof. Ybiernas on this.

Melchor Vergara says: “kung anuman yung “utang” na sinasabi niya, pinagbayara na ng bayan nang malaki yun sa 2 ugok na aquino na naging pangulo, at sa pagtitiiis natin sa pagmumukha ni kris”

Jc Cardona writes: “The Filipino people has paid whatever price Kris father had sacrificed with 2 Aquino presidency and 30 years of Pinoy sufferings.

The question is, how come with all the power and money vested upon your clans, none of you including your mother gave justice to your fathers death by pursuing the mastermind?”

Sharon Madriaga reacts: “What a conceited human being! Di makabasag pinggan ang pamilyang to! Pasan ng bawat Pilipino ang pamilya nyo, alam mo ba yon.”

Jenny Decena says: “i have been trying to bite my tongue since yesterday.

kapal ng mukha nya to even think the country owes them. we do not owe you anything! ikaw nga walang career kung hindi nangyari ang edsa 1! cant u see wala ka ng career ngayon because the filipino people decided enough is enough, your time is up kya nga nkaupo si pres. duterte ngayon because of the Filipino people.

You and your family was able to stay in power because of the Filipino people, you owe that to us, not the other way around! you fool! 😡😡😡”

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