La Salle History professor slams people rejoicing over Pacquiao’s defeat…worse, mocking Manny

While the nation mourns of the controversial loss of Manny Pacquiao to Australian Jeff Horn, some of the known personalities are rejoicing and mocking the senator’s loss on social media.

On Twitter, Jim Paredes rejoiced over Pacquiao’s defeat by announcing he had a great day.

GMA News resident political analyst Richard Heydarian allegedly said that Pacquaio got exhausted lecturing veteran senators about our Constitution and “common sense”.

However, when I checked Heydarian’s Facebook page, no traces of the alleged post can be found.

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However, La Salle Prof. Van Ybiernas attested that he saw the post.

A disgusted Van Ybiernas took to Facebook chiding people who gloat at Manny Pacquiao’s loss albeit controversial.

If Noynoy Aquino wins in the World Dota Championship —if ever there is one and if that’s how it is called— I would rejoice even if I don’t like him personally.

Iba ang domestic politics. Bakbakan tayo sa loob ng bansa.

Ibang usapan na kapag lumalaban ang isang Pilipino sa international stage para sa bayan.

The most that I will do, if I really hate the person, is not to cheer for them; but I will NOT cheer against them. Pinoy pa rin yan. Lalo pa’t napakabuting tao ni Manny Pacquiao.

Kunsabagay, sarili mo lang naman ang pinapahiya mo, boss! What a scumbag! What a douchebag! What a Leni Robredo (in that UN video) you are!

In a follow-up post, Prof. Ybiernas remarked that if he were a scumbag like him, he would have unfriended him for saying nasty things against Manny after the loss. But because he is liberal, he will leave them alone.

If I were the same scumbag as you are, I’d have unfriended you right now for saying nasty things about Manny Pacquiao after his loss. But I’m more of a (Voltairean) liberal than you are, you fake liberal! So, I will leave you and your termite-like thinking alone. I will not unfriend you.

But the little amount of respect I had left for you, you little shit, just went out the window…

Prof Ybiernas continued his tirade against the ill-wishers of Manny Pacquaio in another Faceboook post.

Some idiot masquerading as an intellectual is thinking that since Pacquiao has no trouble endorsing the EJK of criminals, then they —as decent Yellowtards— are justified in wishing Manny ill in his most recent fight against Jeff Horn.

Let’s see now.

Is Manny a criminal? Has he put the lives of his fellow Filipinos in danger? Does his work lead to the degeneration of his countrymen?

On the other hand, do the EJK victims bring pride to the country? Have YOU —yes, you shit-headed termite— brought honor and glory to the country? Have you and the EJK “victims” spent millions of pesos helping your poor and helpless countrymen? Do you and the EJK “victims” support countless charities?

Hay naku! You can’t really prevent idiots from making a fool out of themselves.

Kunsabagay, hindi ka lang yata nag-aral sa Australia, feeling Awstralyano ka pa e!

Your reaction, please!

Credits to Prof. Van Ybiernas

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