La Salle prof, Asec to Pres. Communications lecture critics who mocks Duterte in the wake of Turkey, Mongolia talks joining ASEAN

When several media outlets reported Duterte is cool to the idea of Turkey and Mongolia joining the ASEAN, Twitter has been flooded with mocking tweets.

Jim Paredes, One of the prominent critics of Duterte, couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a jab at the president.

And this…

Netizen hiding behind the handle DILAWAN PADAWAN mocked at Duterte’s poor knowledge of geography.

On Facebook, the news of Turkey and Mongolia joining the ASEAN with Duterte’s blessing has been met with the same reception from netizens not fond of Duterte.

Narciso Reyes remarked: “This just in…Senile Old Man from South East Asia Applies for Membership to NATO, The African Union, The European Union and The Organization of American States.”

DinoBenjamin Mencias Perez wrote: “He should have asked Kitty her daughter where ASEAN is and Turkey on the world map. Maybe she could help his dad about the issue.”

Amidst the hostile and mocking comments on social media directed at Duterte after the news that Turkey and Mongolia are keen on joining the ASEAN organization, Mon Cualoping, a member of the Duterte government posted something on Facebook injecting some sense into the confusion of netizens on social media.

“There’s ASEAN + Dialogue Partners such as ASEAN + 3 (China, Japan, Korea), ASEAN + India, ASEAN + Australia, ASEAN + New Zealand, ASEAN + Russia, and ASEAN + United States of America. The meetings are what we will be hosting in November, otherwise known as the 31st Summit of the ASEAN 2017.

Having an ASEAN + Turkey and ASEAN + Mongolia would be a great addition to the regional bloc! President Duterte, as Chair of the ASEAN, is on the right track.”

La Salle Professor Antonio Contreras slammed the critics of Duterte for their poor understanding of nuances of some Filipino words.

This is exactly what I was pointing out to those who were aghast that PDu30 mentioned “pagsali” of Turkey and Mongolia in the ASEAN.

It is not the President’s failure in basic geography or his lack of knowledge in HEKASI. For crying out loud, the guy is not stupid.

In fact, it is the failure of his critics to give him a benefit of the doubt. And their inability to get the nuance of language that “pagsali” means joining, but doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a member or part of.

Your thoughts, please!

Source: Antonio Contreras


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