La Salle prof bravely puts his neck on the line defending Duterte amidst latest r@pe joke scandal

While some Duterte supporters condemn the President after making another rape joke, a La Salle professor assures Duterte he still enjoys his support on FB.

The rape joke sent shock waves far and wide that Chelsea Clinton could not pass up the chance to make a comment on Twitter.

Krizette Laureta Chu, a staunch Duterte supporter could not hide her disappointment following Duterte’s rape joke and read:

I support Duterte and what he does for the government, but I think he needs to be reminded by people close to him that his alpha male jokes with the military regarding rape are not acceptable.

He should be called out for that, because he is the President and he needs to understand that rape jokes are very offensive.

The Australian woman’s “Dapat ako ang nauna” was horrifying enough–although I understood the careless remark and what it meant during the time.

Him telling the military however that if they rape women and “ako ang bahala” is something I find inexcusable.
Dear President Duterte, I love you, but please stop with the rape jokes. You are offending even some of your own women supporters. You are better than that, and that joke was completely unnecessary.

Journalist Ed Lingao of TV5 could not pass up the opportunity to lead the charge in attacking Duterte via Facebook.

Another joke. This time about rape. And Martial Law. And how he would support the troops if that happens.

The troops I know would feel deeply insulted by remarks or “assurances” like these. They are professionals who take pride in their flag and in their profession. They fight so that others may live; they do not rape so that others may take the blame.

The country I used to know would feel deeply insulted by words such as these. But then, change has come.

And some journalists and former journalists I know would have been so deeply infuriated. Some, mind you, not all, for a good number of them who have also been gleefully pounding on the evil mainstream media were not exactly the best examples of journalism during their time. Some of them would have been lucky to be called mediocre. But I am being kind.. But then, they may have other considerations.

So tell me please, for the benefit of the bobo and bayarang media, how do you want us to spin this for you?

While the chorus of condemning voices echo on social media, La Salle professor Van Ybiernas bravely put his neck on the line to defend Duterte from the latest presidential faux pas.

Nagrape joke na naman si meyor. Naalala ko lang nung malapit na ang eleksyon last year at nagdesisyon akong iboto si meyor. Basahin po sa ibaba ang mga dahilan ko kung bakit ko siya binoto last year kasi iyan po ang paliwanag ko sa lahat ng incorrectness ni Duterte. Medyo long pero sana basahin nyo bilang framework ng pag-unawa kay PDuts:

I have decided.

Rodrigo Duterte is my president and here’s why.

HE DOESN’T WANT THE JOB AS MUCH AS THE JOB WANTS HIM. Duterte isn’t campaigning hard. Hindi siya agresibo sa fund-raising. He keeps saying stupid things. He jokes around all the time. That’s why when he says he doesn’t care if he wins or lose, I believe him. When other candidates say it, all I can think of is “Bullshit!”. Duterte is who he is. If you like him, vote for him. If you don’t, then don’t vote for him. He says let the people decide, and I believe him. There’s no one like him out there. If Duterte wanted the post as much as, say Mar Roxas, Digong would simply shut his mouth and coast. He’s ahead. He doesn’t need to convince people anymore. But Duterte wants the voters to see him for who he is, for people to understand who they are getting as president. Look at the other candidate, do they look sincere to you? I don’t think so.

DUTERTE ISN’T BUSINESS AS USUAL. Because Business As USUAL (in the shape and form of Tuwid na Daan) is a huge failure. Normally, change is scary. But in this case, change is what the country needs. Tuwid na Daan is bankrupt. This country needs a leadership that will shake things up. And the most important part: Duterte looks like he can actually walk away from the presidency when he wants to. He doesn’t crave power. Say what you want about the man but he doesn’t look power hungry. He’s the exact opposite of the power-hungry Tuwid na Daan folks.

DUTERTE UNDERSTANDS THE PRESIDENCY. The president doesn’t have to do everything and know everything. The president just needs to lead. Policies don’t have to be original. They just have to be effective. They just need to be implemented. Thinkers deserve to be in Congress; doers need to be in Malacanang. Duterte is a doer, not a thinker. How do I know he is a doer? Davao. Davao. Davao. Can he do for the country what he did for Davao? Again, Duterte doesn’t have to do everything. He just needs to lead. And he is going to lead. And people are going to follow (except the Tuwid na Daan trouble-makers, of course). Again, the president doesn’t have to do everything to get the job done. Since Duterte doesn’t pretend to know more than what he actually knows —that’s been fairly clear— expectations will be reasonable (if you think he can’t solve “plain-sight” crime and corruption, you need to read my post on that somewhere else). Moreover, people understand that what Duterte knows, he will do very well. He will perform tirelessly in the areas where he knows what he’s doing. Only question is: can he pick the right people for the areas where he isn’t the authority, though?

DUTERTE IS COOL,CALM, AND COLLECTED UNDER PRESSURE. In the heat of a neck-to-neck presidential race, Duterte is still the only one making jokes. Is he being irresponsible and stupid? Doesn’t he understand the magnitude of the moment? Doesn’t he realize the responsibilities of the presidency? Then I remember: he’s been mayor for more than 20 years, with rebels, bandits, terrorists around him. He has overseen the growth of Davao from a backwater rural town into a bustling city that is a model for the entire country. So, it hit me: joking around is Duterte’s way of showing how cool, calm, and collected he is under pressure. He isn’t going to be easily rattled. THAT IS AS PRESIDENTIAL AS IT GETS.

Duterte isn’t diplomatic, but he’s not going to be the face of Philippine diplomacy. He’s rough around the edges but he’s cool, calm and composed. He’s irreverent, but we’re electing a president, not the pope. Bottomline is: Duterte is going to get the job done.

The key to Duterte: Don’t listen to him. Watch him get the job done.

Duterte is my President.


However, Prof. Ybiernas asks Duterte to quit making rape jokes in the future and apologize!

Mr. President, please stop with the rape jokes. You can boost morale some other way. These jokes are an unnecessary distraction at a time when much work needs to be done.

A heartfelt apology wouldn’t hurt either.

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