La Salle Prof: If I were the President, I will revoke Proclamation 216. This will render the current SC proceedings moot

While the Supreme Court has been hearing the oral arguments on Martial Law in Mindanao, a La Salle professor came up with a brilliant proposal in pulling the rug from under the anti-Martial law proponents.

Prof. Antonio Contreras, social media blogger and political scientist from La Salle, took to Facebook suggesting a ploy that serves a dual purpose to the consternation of the opposition politicians and to make the current SC proceedings moot.

Read the post below.

What is happening in Marawi is already rebellion. And it is carried out by terrorist groups allied with ISIS.

If I were the President, I will revoke Proclamation 216. This will render the current SC proceedings moot.

And I will issue a fresh proclamation based on what is happening on the ground good for another 60 days.

And let the yellows pull their hairs and cry foul. But too bad for them. This is allowed in the Constitution.

Note: Proclamation 216 embodies President Rodrigo Duterte’s intent to declare martial law and suspend writ of habeas corpus in Mindanao. [Sunstar]

The proposal of Prof. Contreras has been drawing favorable opinion on social media.

Bryan Ng Co remarked: “Ditto! Give Lagman what he wants but at a time that deprives him the chance of scoring an SC victory.”

SocMed blogger Rocky Gonzales agreed: “Yes!!! I thought that this might be a possible maneuver that will be annoying and exasperating to the opposition.”

رولاندو ﻻباجو ماتيتوس wrote: “Hahaha…you’ve figured it out Prof. Political scientist indeed! Naging circular analysis nila. Checkmate tuloy sila. Kaya nga moot and academic and pagsasayang ng oras. What is so bad gusto nalang tumabla ng LP by asking a Co-equal body to invite the declarators of ML to SC. Nanggugulo nalang tlga sila. Imagine Lorenzana Or his staff coming to court for questioning. Busy nga sila sa gulo doon sa Marawi dumagdag pa tong LP. Hayop tlga.”

Danilo Macabitas Soliven liked the idea. “I like it! Para tuloy tuloy ang pag iyak ng mga yellows.”

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