La Salle prof on Pres. Duterte, Sara Duterte’s reaction on Mocha Uson: “I love the way the Dutertes react to any situation. Always spot-on!”

While the opposition’s supporters were hoping that the viral federalism video posted on Mocha Uson Blog would anger PRRD, they were in for big disappointment when the president’s reaction was the opposite.

You could just imagine the disappointment in their faces when Sara Duterte’s reaction was not as they hoped either.

Here are the exact words of Sara Duterte in reaction to the Mocha Uson federalism viral video.

“I think our secretary should be more circumspect siguro with her actions because she already is a government official.”

“But tama naman ‘yung gusto nila na mapalaki ‘yung campaign ng federalism. Siguro ‘yung messaging lang ayusin,” Sara added.

However, the mainstream media attempted to make it look bad for Mocha Uson. Just look at their headlines below.

Meanwhile, La Salle Prof. Van Ybiernas have nothing but praises for the father and daughter tandem, especially how they handled the Mocha Uson issue re: federalism viral video.

Ybiernas described PRRD and Sara’s reaction “cool” and “sensible” respectively.

Check out the full text of Ybiernas’ post below.

PRRD was “cool” about pepe-dede.

Why shouldn’t he be? Real talk. The video was not necessary but it was not really that terrible; for sure it didn’t destroy the admin’s federalism campaign. The Mocha defenders are right: catchy siya! If Federalism wasn’t a serious matter, I would’ve appreciated it more.

So, what’s done is done. The video didn’t really make people hate (or love) federalism more than they already hate or love it. But I do agree pepe-dede increased the awareness to the existence of the issue, BUT NOT ON THE ISSUE ITSELF. So no plus points for Mocha there.

So why shouldn’t the president be cool about it?

Inday Sara said: “No need to apologize or take a leave of absence, but must improve on the messaging of her task to present federalism to the people.” And she’s right.

Mocha is who she is. Everybody knows that. I don’t believe for a second that anybody was surprised that pepe-dede came from Mocha’s camp. It’s soooooooo Mocha. (not that it’s a good thing). hahahaha.

As I said, I don’t see any serious damage to the federalism campaign because of pepe-dede. I also don’t think it contributed anything positive. It just created a storm in a tea cup for the Mocha haters.

So Sara Duterte’s message makes sense. This thing doesn’t merit a dress-down for Mocha. But she doesn’t deserve praise for it as well. Thus, the ONLY message you can really give her is to improve in her messaging.

I love the way the Dutertes react to any situation. Always spot-on!

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