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La Salle Prof thinks ‘we have a weak state’ following the favorable SC decision on Marcos burial. Find out why!



We have a weak state!

This is the painful truth that Dr. Antonio Contreras  is telling Filipinos  in light of the Marcos effigy burning by disgruntled sectors who do not agree with the SC decision.


 Because ours is not able to fully enforce its own laws, but because citizens have a poor understanding of it.


Dr. Contreras blasted the critics who would have wanted the Supreme Court to act as the interpreter of historical truths or arbiter of morality relative to the Marcos burial issue.

Courts are not adjudicators of historical truths. They are not empowered to arbitrate morality beyond what is allowed by law.

Otherwise,  this will weaken the state.

To expect the Court to exceed its power is to further weaken the state.

However, Dr. Contreras offered some consolation to those aching yellow hearts.

People who disagree with the ruling by the Court have remedies that can attach to Marcos the vilified status they think he deserves. They can continue enjoying their freedom to express to paint him as evil. They can still write essays and scholarly work to lend academic credibility to such efforts. They can keep on demonizing him.

The court they now hate will protect them anyway.

The Court will definitely protect them for the law allows them to do so.

Dr. Contreras reiterated the point he raised from the very beginning.

But the Court could not and must not judicially legislate one particular historical interpretation over another. In fact, it should not even judicially legislate at all. And even the legislature does not have any moral right to legislate historical truth.

Before ending the post, he posed a challenge to the crybabies…

You want to strengthen the state? Then begin by respecting it.

Do you agree with the assertion of Dr. Antonio Contreras that we have a weak state? Please share your thoughts by commenting below.


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