La Salle professor calls former Pnoy spokesman Edwin Lacierda “dimwit”. Read why!

In the heat of the exchange of insults between the pro-Duterte and anti-Duterte supporters, a La Salle professor just called former Pnoy spokesman Lacierda “dimwit” on Facebook.

La Salle History professor Van Ybiernas was reacting to Edwin Lacierda saying that RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy needs an FSO in order to qualify as a DFA consultant. Not Lacierda’s exact words but something to that effect.

Ybiernas said this is not so. Read the explanation below.

Lacierda is a dimwit.

Media quoting his tirade against RJ Nieto and making it news smacks of pettiness. (Media uses Lacierda’s words to attack Nieto, whom they despise for being critical of them, the cowards!)

The guy is a CONSULTANT! FSO exam is for people who want to be a career official with the DFA.

Consultants bring a specific set of skills to the table, to address a specific need in the agency. He was brought in to link with a broad audience through his massive reach in social media and improve information dissemination as well as to facilitate certain services for OFWS. You don’t need an FSO for that.

If anybody in the DFA firmament is capable of accomplishing what Nieto is doing, then by all means, call him redundant! But the man is clearly qualified for the task given to him. And at such a low compensation rate. The nation should thank him for his service, by golly!

To raise the FSO issue against him smacks of stupidity and spitefulness, really!

But, what can you expect from Lacierda and mainstream media in this country?

And you are surprised why we are pissed?

Netizen Ramon Dulay couldn’t agree more with Ybiernas. “I noticed that too. You are right. He IS A DIMWIT.”

Netizen Tony Luna says this is tactic to evade the main issue. “Lacierda needs to employ every tactic available to avoid the main issue.”

Joey HL writes: “stupidity! ~ yun po ang pwede natin expect from lacierda and mainstream media.”

Your reaction?

Source: Van Ybiernas

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