La Salle professor, netizens says de Lima no credibilty to chair committee on EJK senate hearing

Let’s admit it! Leila de Lima has lost her credibility during her DOJ days for kowtowing to the whims of her Boss by practicing their brand of selective justice.

Then here comes the Duterte tirade that puts the lady senator in the spotlight on national TV due to her alleged links with the Bilibid drug lords via her driver-lover hammered the final nail of the coffin, figuratively speaking, in destroying whatever little credibility she has enjoyed from ordinary Filipinos.

Dr. Antonio Contreras, a staunch de Lima critic articulates the sentiment of the Filipino people that Leila de Lima has lost her credibility to lead the senate hearing on extra-judicial killings on his Facebook post that reads:

Of course, that was a clear case of a rub-out. In fact, even the internal investigation of the police points to a rub-out. Forensics point to a rub-out.

However, this is now undermined by this poorly-managed hearing ran by Leila de Lima aggravated by an obviously rehearsed witness whose credibility was damaged by claiming to be dirt poor but having 30k to buy off the police.

A senate hearing is political theater. And the gallery is watching. And 91 percent of the spectators have already made up their minds and would need credible witnesses and a credible chair for them to even reconsider.

Leila de Lima is still presumed innocent. But in the eyes of the public she is already seriously compromised.

I am watching this US TV series “Scandal” and I am hoping if only the services of Olivia Pope could be retained to fix this for those who want to see the agenda of the President diminished.

I am so captivated by Ms. Pope she penetrates my political mind that I believe I know how she would have handled this. She would have told Leila de Lima to abort the hearing before she damage herself further.

Because that is exactly what happened. She further damaged herself.

Netizens shares with the view of Dr. Antonio Contreras on Senator Leila de Lima.

Anton Sy says:

Her credibility was damaged way before this hearing when she was supporting legally untenable positions taken by PNoy against his enemies.

Nak Kimuell-gabriel says:

“delicadeza.” “compromised objectivity.” may problema.

Meanwhile, netizens in other Facebook threads about the Leila de Lima senate hearing on extra-judicial killings condemns, jeers at the lady senator.

Noel Degay Sokyawan says:

Moro moro lng yan ni de lima ayaw nya mawala ang illegal na drug sa bayan natin.

Ven Hammer says:

The on going Senate investigation is now becoming a circus. It is seemingly going nowhere but a forum for political grandstanding and clearly not in aid of legislation. They’re embroiled and heavily dwelling on the Vertis case when in fact it is already in the hands of the court. Di ba sub judici na ito? Now, where are the suggested legislation from this merry go round?

Walter Lituan says:

hwad na cruzader nang human rights…….bias na utak ang babnaeng ito at maraminig katiwalian sa NAPOLES INVESTIGATION CASE na tumatangap nang sohol sa mgha corrupt na kasali sa kaso ni napoles.

Bibbo Yan says:

Dapat hindi si De lima ang nag iimbestiga dito kasi she had questionable reputation eh, Pano mo iimbestigahan ang isang kaso na may kaugnayan sa Drugs eh ikaw nga mismo eh alleged Drug Protector yan ay ayon mismo sa Presidente. Wala ng credibility ang immoral na walanghiyang balyenang dilawan na toh.

Sherille S. Reyes says:

YOU are one of the MAJOR reasons why this illegal drug trade have flourished!!! What is ironic is that you lead the probe of a problem that YOU and your yellow cohorts HAVE CAUSED!!! You will pay for all the lives that were destroyed because of you! That includes not only the victims of drugs but even the lives of those who got killed because of drugs. You will pay for all this!

What are your thoughts on this? Please comment below.

Source: Dr. Antonio Contreras


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