La Salle professor scolds Edsel Lagman and company for saying this, ‘establishment of ISIS province in Mindanao not possible’

In an article posted on GMA News, Edsel Lagman and company said that the ‘establishment of ISIS province in Mindanao is not possible.’

This is the drive of the memorandum submitted by Edsel Lagman and company to the Supreme Court on Monday, June 19, 2017.

Here’s an excerpt from the Lagman memorandum.

“It is baseless for the President to conclude that Marawi City is under ‘siege’ amounting to rebellion because the armed resistance of the Maute and Abu Sayyaf groups was not to capture Marawi City but to divert the attention of the military offensive and shield [Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon] Hapilon and the Maute brothers from capture.” [GMA NEWS]

When La Salle professor Antonio Contreras heard about Lagman’s memorandum, the former couldn’t help but write a short open letter telling him to shut up since he is not a political scientist who understand the dynamics of political terrorism.

To Edsel Lagman and company,

You may be lawyers and lawmakers. But you live in the fossilized world of conventional and jaded political frames. You are stuck in traditional politics and you think that the only way to understand states is through the Westphalian construct.

You are not political scientists in the academic sense. Stop arrogating upon yoursef the ability to conduct political analysis on what consists as rebellion. You are not even familiar with the dynamics of political terrorism.

So just shut the hell up!

Frances Pauline wrote: “If they only read the literature on terrorism. There are plenty in Fully Booked and Powerbooks if they don’t have access to think tanks, journals, and magazines. *sigh*”

Benedict Exconde remarked: “So, according to Lagman et al., the only time that the State can intercept and destroy Maute-ASG-BIFF is when they already took over Mindanao, beheaded “infidels”, flew Daesh flags all over the place and get recognition from Daesh Central in Raqqa?”

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