Lacierda twits Duterte for failing to solve illegal drug problems in 6 months…Here’s a spot on reply that should zip Lacierda’s mouth

On Twitter, former presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda twits President Duterte for failing to deliver his promise to get rid of illegal drugs in 6 months.

“He had problems he vowed to solve in 6 mos. What happened to SONA promises? Mga #NaDigongPangako #SilentNoMore”

The sniding remark did not escape the attention of pro-Duterte blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes and wrote an equally, if not a strong response to Lacierda’s criticism.

Oi, Mr. Lacierda, fyi ha:

6 months into office, PRRD & his team has accomplished the ff:
» 1,250,000 drug surrenderees
» Busted drug laboratories & mega factories
» Neutralized (jailed/prosecuted or killed in police operations) hundreds of known drug personalities
» Significantly brought down crime rates (which by the way has tripled in during your reign!)
» Suspended (and now under investigation and/or prosecution) hundreds of police scalawags
Did you really expect the President to be able to clean up in 6 months all the mess that the past admin built up in 6 years?

Yung Presidente mo nga lahat ng pinangako ay napako! FOI, MRT, etc. Pati na pagpapasagasa sa tren, di rin tinupad.

Let us check out how the netizens react to Ms. Reyes response, shall we?

Jenny Castillo Aquino  commented: Lacierda has some mighty TINY BALLS to even post something like this AS IF his boss did anything monumental aside from not showing up when 44 SAF men, dead men, arrive at the airport.”

L.B. Dong Alvior remarked: “Mr. Lacierda, it is the problem your Boss Abnoy created. Do not blame Pres. Duterte.”

Jessie Bechayda said: ” You are a fool Edwin Lacierda. May ginawa ba kayo noong kapanahunan ninyo sa Malacanyang?”

Glenn Tongco Sarsonas reminds Lacierda about Pnoy’s accomplishment: Teka, ano bang accomplishment pinagmamalaki nung last President? yung wangwang?”

Nelson Fernandez said: “Lacierda…. You are simply blind or Hypocrite!!!!”

Your thoughts please!

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