Lacierda’s #NADIGONGPANGAKO demolition job against Duterte boomeranged; netizens respond with #NaDigongayNatupadnaPangako

To refresh your memory, former Pnoy spokesman Lacierda fired his first salvo on Twitter attacking the Duterte admin with the hashtag #NADINGONGPANGAKO.

“He had problems he vowed to solve in 6 mos. What happened to SONA promises? Mga #NaDigongPangako #SilentNoMore” tweeted Lacierda.

Lacierda’s taunting tweet got the attention of Duterte supporters who responded in kind, armed with a better weapon, the TRUTH.

Pro-Duterte bloggers like Mark Lopez is hardly breaking a sweat to write a response to Lacierda’s attack since unlike his predecessor, the Duterte administration has done more than combined administrations of Cory and Pnoy in 7 months. I repeat, in 7 months.

Let me direct your attention to Mark Lopez’s response to Lacierda’s dud tweet below:

Dear Edwin Lacierda a.k.a SilentNoMore,

So there you are, coming to the rescue of your beleaguered and besieged masters whom you have failed miserably many times over.

And typical of your stupidity, you have nothing in your bag of lecherous tricks but bringing back to fore the campaign promises of the duly elected and overwhelmingly popular president who thumped the candidate that you miserably advertised, by more than 6 ‘effin MILLION votes!

Now in case you don’t realize it dimwit, what you just did is aggravate and hasten the shameful collapse of the yellow narrative.

When you bring back the issues you are throwing at the president, are you not admitting that you and your discredited and much hated administration was the one RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THIS MESS?!!!

Are you really that dense that you smugly revive these issues that were the reason why you lost big time last May?

And how stupid are you to not even consider that the real majority knows that your administration failed epically in all of these?

Your admin and your inept leaders were the ones who did not work and who lacked the vision and empathy that worsened all of these issues that you are now highlighting, dumbass.

What kind of a sadistic and savage propagandist are you to even torture once more the citizenry of this painful reminder of your failed admin when we have already escaped from the shackles of your incompetence and crookedness?

And if you are the one still in charge of the yellow propaganda, by golly, the LP might as well pack up and perhaps create another country somewhere in the North Pole.

Don’t forget to bring Kris Aquino with you…



Check here why #NADIGONGAYNATUPADnaPANGAKO is real than Lacierda’s hashtag #NADIGONGPANGAKO.

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Credits to MJ Quiambao Reyes for the images

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