Lady doc on one of Yorme Isko Moreno’s stunts: “Kung minsan ang politika ay isang big production number”

For making an unsolicited comments against a fellow Mayor, which many netizens perceived that Yorme Isko was taking an aim at ISD, Yorme has put a huge target on his back.

Speaking of which, Dr. Ethel Pineda, a known Duterte supporter, reposted the old photo of Yorme Isko wherein he was shown receiving an IV drip while hard at work in his office, as a form of clapback at the Manila Mayor for criticizing a fellow Mayor.

Dr. Pineda lamented that Isko Moreno, being a Mayor can’t even find an IV stand to make the job of his assistant easy.

“Yung mayor ka pero hindi makahanap ng iv stand.”

The good doctor gave netizens an idea how long it takes for an IV drip to finish so she figured, Yorme’s assistants would be numb with exhaustion by the time the IV drip is done.

“Kung IVF – – >6 hrs yan eh di maraming alalay na nangawit sa paghawak ng suero mo.”

“May pagkakaiba ba ito sa may tagahawak ng ash tray at baso ng coke?” Dr. Pineda asked if Isko’s photo was no different to a former President who was also caught in photo having PSG’s holding his ash tray and glass of coke while moving around.

Dr. Pineda can’t help but make a side comment that this kind of moves looks cool to the uninitiated but no appeal to the so-called thinking crowd.

“May mga moves talaga na kwela sa mga walang alam pero may backfire sa mga nag-iisip.”

Dr. Pineda can’t help while looking at Yorme’s photo but quip:

“Kung minsan ang politika ay isang big production number.”

Lights, camera, action!!! Dr. Pineda shouted.

As of this writing, Dr. Pineda’s post has generated 2,500+ reactions, 196 comments and 351 shares in 16 hours and counting.

BTW, a quick Google search tells us that the melodramatic photo of Yorme Isko first appeared sometime in August 2019. For context, please read ABS-CBN’s caption regarding the photo.

Here’s what some of the netizens think of Yorme’s stunt.

“This antic clearly demonstrates how lowly the Mayor regards his constituents/supporters. They should be embarrassed, insulted even, at how their Mayor depicts them through this photo op.”

“Hahahaha… Naka tape lang yung IV set sa kamay hindi naman nakatusok… bakit solu-set lang, nasaan yung main IV bag? Only in the Philippines😁

“Parang reality show.. mayat maya may naka buntot na camera”

“Ang bobo ng director nyan! Ano b title pala ng movie n yan🤣


Source: Ethel Pineda

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