Lady doctor slams women group who asked PET to allow 25% shading rule threshold, calls women group Cinderella’s ugly sisters

Just recently, a paid advertisement from a group of women who called themselves “TOWNS” appeared in the Philippine Star, urging PET to change its rule in the middle of the VP recount.

In the paid advertisement, TOWNS “expresses grave concern over the injustice currently happening at the recount of votes for the vice presidency.”

TOWNS believed that “indiscriminate and arbitrary changing the rules in the middle of the game is tantamount to stealing the votes of the Filipino people.”

In light of this, TOWNS urges PET to refer to the “September 2016 resolution passed by the COMELEC stating the ovals shading at least 25% or less are counted as legitimate votes.” Please check the image below for your reference.

The paid advertisement from TOWNS has been receiving negative reactions and ridicule on social media.

Netizen Ethel Pineda, a physician by day and a social media blogger in her spare time, took to Facebook telling the people behind TOWNS to be “ashamed of their skins” or in Tagalog “mahiya naman kayo sa balat ninyo.”

Pineda reminded TOWNS that from the get-go, the COMELEC, PPCRV and even the CBCP have been telling voters prior to election day that they should shade the ovals by 50% or more.

Pineda told TOWNS that it is clear as day who wants to change the rules of the game, but the by insisting PET refers to the 25% shading rule threshold versus the 50% shading rule threshold as mandated by the COMELEC.

Pineda couldn’t help but takes a swipe at Robredo’s voters by asking what is so special them that they appear to be in a hurry while casting their votes for Robredo?

Pineda remarked she didn’t want to accuse Robredo’s voters were in involved in cheating, but the 25% shading of ovals suggest they were in a hurry to meet a quota and short of time.

Pineda called Robredo’s voters sloppy if indeed the votes were accomplished by real voters.

Pineda also appeared puzzled how the women can muster the audacity to sign such petition based on lies.

Pineda likened the wome onf TOWNS to “Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters who wanted to cut their dako nga tiil so the shoe will fit.”

Mahiya naman kayo sa balat ninyo.

Sa simula at sapul ay sinabi ng Comelec at maging ng PPCRV at CBCP na dapat ay higit sa 50% and dapat itiman sa bilog na itlog. Kahit mga uhuging paslit ay na-memorize yan.

Ipinipilit niyong gawing 25% na lang. Sino ang may gusto na baguhin ang patakaran? Kayo. Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw.

Ano ang mayroon at tanging ang mga botante ni Ms. Robredo ang hindi marunong sumunod sa patakaran? Bakit tila nagmamadali at di man lang pagbutihin at ingatan ang pagboto? Ayaw ko sana sabihing nagmamadali kayo sa pandaraya. May hinahabol na numero at oras kaya?

Ms. Robredo has sloppy voters, kung ang mga balota ay galing nga sa mga tunay na botante.

How these women who signed this petition can muster the audacity to state barefaced lies is beyond me.

They are like Cinderella’s ugly stepsisters who wanted to cut their dako nga tiil so the shoe will fit.

Your thoughts?

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