Lady lawyer jokes purpose of Leni Robredo cooking “lugaw” for Mimiyuuuh is to showcase her super high IQ & multiple intelligences

So ano ngayon ang purpose ng appearance ni madame dito?

Atty. Trixie of the Luminous page can’t help but ask the purpose of Madame Leni’s appearance in the video with vlogger Mimiyuuuh.

Atty. Trixie explained that when it comes to promotions in elections, all the interviews and what not are programmed by the strategist and then reviewed if the candidate can score a point. In other words, everything has an agenda.

Ganito. Pagdating sa promotions sa eleksyon, lahat ng mga interviews, appearances, statements ay either programmed ng strategist o nirereview kung makakapuntos ang kandidato dito. Lahat yan may agenda.

Atty. Trixie added that the agenda can be done either by presenting the candidate’s platform of governance and via a simple question and answer format.

Now, pwedeng yung agenda ay simpleng pag prisinta ng plataporma, at simpleng question and answer format lang.

Sometimes, a simple presentation is done to showcase something about the candidate.

Yung iba, kunwari simpleng presentation lang, pero may ibang gustong ipakita. Halimbawa, gustong ipalabas yung nanay skills ng kandidato, o kaya para ma explain yung ibang katangahan —- oops, PAGKAKAMALI o MISIMPRESSION— niya.

However, in the case of Madame Leni appearing in the video cooking “essential lugaw” for vlogger Yumiyuuuh, she said in jest that the purpose was to showcase Robredo as someone with super high IQ.

Dito, ang tingin namin ay ginagawa itong showcase ng super high IQ at multiple intelligences ng kandidato. Because, you know, she’s so galeng.

In fairness, walang nahirinan sa kanila, Atty. Trixie said.

Let us read some of the comments of netizens below.

Dyan bagay si Leni. Hindi sa politics, wrote one netizen.

susme! ang shallow naman to promote herself. are you promoting an eatery that serves your special recipe? leni you are eyeing for the highest position of the Philippines. we want what is inside the deep recesses of your brain, na hindi pa namin alam, to steer this country to prosperity, another critics wrote.

Filipinos are now smarter nowadays. Show us some policies and platforms and not some lugaw that most of us know how to cook, another unimpressed netizen commented.

I watched this yesterday kc i follow mimiyuuh…entertaining nman khit paano bcoz of mimiyuuh’s sense of humor and kakulitan… better she quits politics and convert her own channel into a cooking show showcasing Bicol delicacies with her daughters and/or having guests to cook and chat with… why not, right? suggested a netizen to Madame Robredo after the election.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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