Lady lawyer reminds public Top 11 important things to remember following announcement of confirmed first coronavirus patient in PH

For days, Filipinos have been on the edge of their seats wondering when the novel coronavirus outbreak that has turned Wuhan, a province in China, into a ghost town will arrived in the country.

Well, just today, the DOH has announced that a 38-year Chinese female is the first confirmed case of novel coronavirus in the Philippines.

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, the other half of the FB page “Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan” is neither an expert in corona virus nor an expert in medicine but what the heck, whatever information that may prove useful in preventing people from getting the virus is welcome.

So without further adieu, I urged you to read the Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles original article below.

A few things na paulit ulit ko nang sinasabi.

First, do not panic. The first sign of panic is loss of reason halimbawa, galit sa lahat ng Chinese because of the virus. Maliban lang kung racist yung tao and then for them, its reasonable. Whatever.

Second, quit the blame game. Wow, makakatulong ito? Paano? We can do that later.

Third, the guidelines have not changed. Stay away from crowds, wash hands often, don’t touch eyes, nose, mouth.

Fourth, its a virus, antibiotics do not work on this. Do not take antibiotics, it will not help.

Fifth, travel ban. We banned travel from Wuhan days ago. We do not ban travel from the whole China (which is a very big place) because not all of China is affected. Wuhan has been on lockdown for days already.

Sixth, we are one of the first countries to ban travel from Wuhan, ahead of Singapore), Thailand, Japan.

Seventh, we are not told the location of the woman who tested positive for the virus because she is quarantined and presents no danger to the public NOW regardless of where she is.

Eighth, the DOH has the responsibility of determining if she may have infected other people. Do not speculate, let them do their job.

Ninth, in view of the recorded human to human transmission of the virus in Japan, it would make even better sense to ban travel FROM Japan. Kasi they have at least one patient who has never been to Wuhan.

Tenth, your fear is not an excuse to be racist.

Finally, I have no opinion on prayer or vitamins but feel free.

PS On this wall, we delete racist remarks. I know that most of them are caused by ignorance, but we have to draw the line.

Your comment?

Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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