Lady lawyer reminds Teddy Casiño of Caesar’s wife doctrine after he threatened to sue Krizette Chu for dragging children in social media spat

After his sons were dragged by Krizette Chu in their social media spat, former Bayan Muna Representative Teddy Casino threatened to sue the former for posting his sons photos on social media.

Unperturbed by the threat of getting sued, Chu fired back that as far as her journalism teacher is concerned, photo that were blacked out and revealing no ones identity gives her immunity from such suit.

How about involving the children of politicians or public officials from criticism, can Krizette get sued?

Well, as far lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles is concerned, Krizette is immune from such suits either.

Angeles mentioned the Caesar’s wife doctrine in supporting her argument.

Who can explain such legal matter better than lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles, right? That is why I urge you to continue reading below for your education too.

Wait. Teddy Casiño wants to blame Krizette Laureta Chu for the possible danger of bullying his kids might experience.


Thats called passing the blame. He is a public figure. A former official. A communist. These alone will draw his kids into public scrutiny. Ano sa tingin niya, exempt mga anak nya from observation? Eh nakabilad siya sa limelight, gayun din ang damay sa pamilya niya.

Di ba nga may Caesar’s wife doctrine? Ths means na hindi lang yung opisyal ang dapat above suspicion. Pati kamaganak.

Oo nga at menor de edad ang mga anak, but that doesnt mean hindi pwedeng punain ang lifestyle nila na courtesy of their loving father, a former congressman who admittedly got development assistance.

Sinabi rin ng Korte Suprema na hindi pwedeng balat sibuyas ang mga opisyales. Eh di ba ang angas ng partido ni Casiño? Pero eto, nabutata lang sa lifestyle, iyak agad.

At kunwari pa its about his kids, na di naman pinangalanan o pinakita. Ang tutoo niyan, pahiya si Casiño at nabistong tila hindi ankop sa communist ideology ang lifestyle. Eh kailangan ilihis ang usapan. So… its about his kids.

Oh e sino ang gumagamit ngayon?

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