Lady lawyer say VP Leni Robredo lacks credibility to make reports on Duterte’s drug war, calls it a political stunt which fails miserably

While VP Leni Robredo gave a dismal 1/100 grade to Duterte admin’s anti-illegal drugs campaign, Pinoy netizens have a field day criticizing Robredo for having the nerve to make a report and recommendation as though her brief stint in ICAD made her an instant expert.

This is the sentiment of pro-Duterte lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles, the other half of the FB page “Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan” from whom I borrowed this line in her latest FB post.

Angeles bared that Robredo did not meet all the clusters of ICAD, did not get all the data and most of all, she did not go to operations. In other words, Angeles is telling us that Robredo’s credibility is already in question based on these facts alone.

Angeles also noted that Robredo came into ICAD with negative opinion about the dr*g w@r. Angeles explained by citing an example the Robredo believed the operations targeted mainly small-time drug pushers and ignored the big fishes. In doing so, Robredo deliberately ignored the operations vs the Espinosa, Parojinog, Mabilog etc.. to name only a few.

Angeles remarked that until this day, Robredo continues to parrot that line, repeated the no-big-fish lie, while saying that the president has ignored other aspects of the drug war. Once again, Angeles noted Robredo ignores the rehabilitation efforts of government for the drug users.

Angeles also criticized Robredo for prioritizing what the US agents has to say before getting a full picture of ICAD’s operations during her short-lived stint as ICAD co-chairperson, leading many to suspect her motives for dealing with the Americans first.

Angeles slammed Robredo for the temerity to make a report and recommendations as though her 18 days made her an instant expert on the matter despite the lack of data and lack of insight.

Angeles concluded that if this was a political campaign, she failed miserably, as in big time. She remarked that Robredo is tone deaf when it comes to what people want and need. Angeles called it a desperate attempt to score political pogi points ahead of 2022 election campaign and in doing so, Robredo just showcased her ignorance of the topic, issues, mechanics and her own general ineptitude on full display for everyone to appreciate and remember for when elections roll around again.

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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