Lady lawyer says Trillanes desperate, grasping at straws, willing to invent liability to accuse PRRD when there was none re Navy frigate deal!

Trillanes is grasping at straws.

This is the reaction of lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles to ex-senator Antonio Trillanes IV statement to the local media that President Duterte admitted to plunder when he confirmed during his SONA of his role in the controversial Navy frigates deals.

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Angeles explained that based on President Duterte’s version of the story, it was clear he was acting on the complaint of the supplier (Hyundai Heavy Industries) that everything was ready, and yet there was no request for delivery. Apparently, according to the President, someone intervened, (not clear how) an appointee of the previous administration.

Angeles concluded that President Duterte caused the delivery of the frigate already purchased by the government and everything was already done.

In other words, President Duterte did not in any way influence the Navy to favor HHI over the other contractor as Trillanes alleged.

However, as far as Trillanes is concerned, “Duterte’s admission of his and Bong Go’s involvement in the frigate scam is actually an admission to the crime of plunder.”

Trillanes recalled the findings of last year’s Senate inquiry, which found that the intervention of Duterte and Go on behalf of the South Korea company “helped make it profit billions of pesos more by forcing the Philippine Navy to accept several substandard equipment, such as the combat management system, that were different from the list specified in the original contract.” [PhilStar]

Going back to Angeles, she remarked Trillanes is pitiful because aside from facing charges of rebellion, inciting to sedition and several counts of libel, he has nothing damaging to throw at the President.

You may read Trixie Cruz-Angeles full FB post below now.

Trillanes is grasping at straws. He want so desperately to be able to accuse the president of something, he is willing to invent liability.

Sa kwento dito ng pangulo, maliwanag na umaksyon siya kasi nag sumbong yung supplier. Handa na raw ang lahat, bakit hndi hinihingi yung delivery. Apparently, according to the president, may umentrada (hndi maliwanag kung paano) na appointee ng dating administrasyon.

Poor Trillanes. He is facing charges of rebellion, inciting to sedition and several counts of libel. At wala naman siyang matinong maibato sa pangulo.

Wawa naman.

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