Lady lawyer slams HS Lord Velasco for telling Gen. Parlade to go easy on Partylist reps colleagues, celebs

Lady lawyer and staunch Duterte supporter castigated House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco for reprimanding SOLCOM Chief Lt. Gen. Parlade for putting the lives of some members of Congress in danger for continuous “red-tagging”.

Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles, admin of the FB page Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan began by making it clear that she understands House Speaker Velasco and fellow congressmen are duly-elected officials but that does mean he can tell the military how they do its job.

“With all due respect, Speaker Lord Allan Velasco. I understand you and all other congressmen are duly elected officials. And that you must speak this way to protect the men and women in Congress. But that does not mean you get to dictate military or legal strategy.”

Atty. Angeles shared a beautiful phrase to drive home her point.

“Not every case goes to court, not every battle is fought with guns.”

Atty. Angeles lamented that the communist insurgency has taken a great toll to the country and after more than 50 years, they are not going away. Atty. Angeles remarked that clearly we need a new game plan and put an end to this. She said Gen. Parlade’s method is working.

“The communist insurgency has taken lives, broken families, arrested national development. It has been over fifty years, CLEARLY we need to change our approach to this problem and end it once and for all. The old ways haven’t worked. So Gen. Parlade has brought the war for hearts and minds into the public eye. IT IS WORKING.”

Atty. Angeles went on to point out to HS Velasco the positives of Gen. Parlade’s method.

“Parents are put on notice. So are schools. Information about indoctrination, who the targets are for recruitment, even tactical responses such as using celebrity endorsers are brought to light. Discussed. Taken apart.”

Atty. Angeles asked HS Velasco if he sees what she is seeing on the ground? If not, Atty. Angeles told HS Velasco that Gen. Parlade’s approach is doing wonders.

“Don’t you see what is happening here, on the ground? The approach Gen. Parlade has taken IS WORKING.”

Atty. Angeles articulated what HS Velasco is trying to do.

“And you are trying to stop him.”

Atty. Angeles appealed to HS Velasco to stop. She said maybe we save Filipino families from being torn apart.

“Please don’t. Maybe we can save families from being broken, kids from dying senselessly.”

Atty. Angeles ended the FB post with a guilt-tripping question to HS Velasco.

“Don’t you think it is worth it?”

You may check the screenshot of HS Velasco’s statement below admonishing Gen. Parlade.



Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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