Lady lawyer suspects timing of “transport crisis” claim of critics, says politics # 1 motive behind claim in prep for 2022 election?

Karambola host and lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles has taken to social media to suggest that the motive behind those claiming transport crisis is nothing but politics in her latest Facebook post.

Angeles suspected the timing of those claiming behind the “transport crisis” trend.

Angeles said that Metro Manila traffic has been here but based on her personal experience, some days traffic is unusually bad, some days traffic is the normal traffic.

For example, she was an hour late to report for her Karambola radio show months ago 3 to 4 times but adjusted her departure from home and since then, she has never been or rarely late for her Karambola program.

Of course, the lightning that struck Katipunan LRT 2 station which resulted in a fire made the traffic in that area turned from bad to worse.

Angeles couldn’t help but blame the lack of emergency powers that could have fast track the mass transportation component of Buildbuildbuild.

In a FB post published 13 October 2019, Angeles discussed the motives of the people behind the claim of “transport crisis” phenomenon.

The recurring theme of Angeles’ FB post is “politics” and the “transport crisis” the critics is claiming is just a PR stunt to lay the blame on Duterte and then before the 2022 election, someone want to play the hero ball.

You may read lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles full FB post below.

If you really want to ask, “why now?”ask it of those claiming transport crisis.

Months ago, I was so late for Karambola, I clocked in an hour late. Yet I left Cubao at 5:45. Maybe because it was a Monday, but usually, if I leave before 6, I get to Pasig by 6:45. Or earlier.

This happened three or four times. There was no reason other than the possibly unusually heavy traffic for those days.

I therefore make it a point to leave at 5:30, and as everyone knows, I am rarely late for my program.

So what happened for people to suddenly complain about a “transport crisis”?

Well, for one, nasira yung LRT from Katipunan to Santolan. So more people are taking jeeps and cars, causing more traffic on the road. The station in Katipunan was hit by lightning and had a fire. It will take nine months to repair. Second is the lack of emergency powers to fast track the mass transportation component of Buildbuildbuild.

These things were evident since the start of the month. And yet media is reporting it as though this torment is solely caused by the ineptitude of the Duterte Administration and that it has gotten worse only now.

So, refresher muna.

Who killed the MRT/LRT by chopping up its maintenance and other contracts? Noynoy and Mar.

Who refused to acknowledge the continuing inefficiency of jeepneys plying our small roads? Same

Who put all infrastructure on hold because they were diverting funds? Same.

Cleaning up this mess fell on this administration. Plus Sec. Art has the added burden of dragging our infra into the 21st century. How’s that for a full time thankless job?

Emergency powers would have allowed DOTr a faster track into building the infra, allowing them to cut out tedious policies on vehicle volume and other alternative solutions that are necessarily subject to long processes.

So why the sudden surge of complaints?


The invisible hand moving public opinion is at work. Someone is manipulating the impressions of the problem so they fall on the administration. Someone who will later on want to play the hero, just in time for elections.


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