Lady lawyer to Lea Navarro “Duterte pa rin, mga laos” in response to retired singer’s tweet she felt insulted kitchen staffs & under officials sent off Duterte

Duterte pa rin, mga laos.

This is the emphatic response of lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles to Leah Navarro’s tweet wherein the retired singer and known dilawan tweeted that President Duterte getting sent-off by hotel kitchen staffs and later at airport by “under” officials is testament how the world sees PH now: unimportant and undeserving of respect. Navarro remarked Duterte has done disservice to the country in just 3 years in power.

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Angeles wrote in Facebook that only an elitist like Leah Navaroo can look at this pictures and feel insulted that kitchen staffs and ‘under’ officials sent off President Duterte.

Angeles said this is not how she sees it. Instead, she see a humble man to whom position and power mean nothing.

Angeles ended the post saying that no matter what, she is still for Duterte.

Only an elitist like Leah Navarro can look at this picture and feel insulted that kitchen staff and “under” officials (ano daw?) sent off the President.

Instead I see a humble man to whom position and power mean nothing.

Duterte pa rin, mga laos.

Netizen Nurj Bee Mcsalo Di slammed Leah Navarro in her comment, telling her to be proud that our President is such a humble human being, unlike has beens like her and Jim Paredes.

Shame on You Lea Navarro! You must be proud that our President is such a humble Guy di po tulad niyo Mga Laos na ay tuloy pa ring mapanghusga na wala naman s lugar! Magsama nga Kayo ni Paredes pareho kc ugali niyo!

Netizen Vernold Cruz commented that Leah Navarro was simply jealous of PRRD.

Inggit much si eletistang laos. Our president is a true humble man.

Netizen David Paguio remarked that the chefs and kitchen staffs are better compared to Leah Navarro because they know how to respect those deserving to be accorded.

Mam lea kayo ang 3 yrs na di matanggap ang pagkatalo, di rumerespeto kay pres du30 3 yrsnarin kayo wala tigil sa paninira at pilit na pinababagsak ang pres du30 kaya mainam pa sa iyo ang kusinero at assistant marunong rumespeto sa dapat

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Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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