Lady lawyer brilliant explanation how a convict walks free from Bilibid via RA 10592, takes swipe at Lacson for showing Faeldon’s sigs on release paper?

Depending if you agree with her politics, but DDS lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles has come up with a straightforward yet brilliant explanation how a convict walks free from Bilibid via RA 10592 or the GCTA law.

In a Facebook post, Angeles based her explanation of RA 10592 on the flow chart making the round son social media, presumably provided by the DOJ.

According to Angeles, the flow chart clearly showed that Faeldon’s signature on the release papers of the convicted criminal does not make him the most guilty party as his critics and the Opposition wants the public to believe.

Rather, Angeles pointed out, Faeldon isn’t the final decision maker of the application of the GCTA but the Board of Parole and Pardons.

Angeles explained that Faeldon’s role in the grand scheme of things in the RA 10592 or GCTA law is one of the evaluators of GCTA before it is referred to the BPP (Board of Parole and Pardons).

In light of this information, Angeles asked if showing Faeldon’s signature on the release paper is still relevant?

You may read lawyer Trixie Cruz-Angeles full FB post below.

Inumpisahan iimplement ang RA 10592 nuong matapos ang Implementing Rules and Regulations.

Releases of convicts began in 2014 at kasama dun ang mga convicted for heinous crimes.

June 2019 ikinlaro ng Korte Suprema na magaapply ang batas na ito sa mga convicted prior to 2013, following the doctrine that laws are read to favor the accused.

Inanunsyo ni DOJ Sec Maynard Guevarra ang epekto ng retroactivity na ito, na maki-cover higit sa 11,000 convicts at kasama na rito si dating Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez, serving 7life terms for the rape slay of Mary Eileen Sarmenta and the murder of Allan Gomez.

Sa madaling sabi, hindi naman sinikreto ng DOJ o BuCor ang pending release ni Sanchez. And until the president declared that Sanchez will not be released, the DoJ and BuCor were merely implementing the law as it had always been implemented since 2014. Dadag lang dito yng masasama na sina Sanchez et al.

Dun sa mga nagsasabing, Faeldon should not have applied the law. Nakalagay po dito sa Manual on Time Allowances kung sino ang final decision on the GCTA, and it is the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Ano ang papel ng BuCor Director General? Isa siya sa nag eevaluate ng GCTA before it is referred to the BPP.

Before the BPP makes a final decision, the Paroles and Pardons Administration will INVESTIGATE each prisoner kung angkop ba ang GCTA sa kanya at tama ba ang computation ng Wardens at BuCor Director General.

Only after such investigation will the BPP make its decision. From there gagawan na ng release documents at bababa ang order to BuCor for final release.

Given this, makabuluhan pa ba ang ipakita na si Faeldon ang pumirma ng release papers?

Your comment?

DISCLAIMER: Pinoy Trending News does not share Trixie Cruz-Angeles’ opinion on the matter.


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