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Lady physician defends “overpriced” PPEs, N95 masks amid criticism from noisy senators, senate probe

Amid the senate probe on alleged overpricing of PPEs and face masks, a lady physician reminded senators and noisy critics of the administration that those “overpriced” PPEs that came early saved many lives.

Dr. Ethel Pineda, a Duterte supporter, took to Facebook to jog senators’ memory when frontliners were reduced to steaming their N95 masks and re-use it for their next duty because finding a replacement was difficult. The good doctor also recalled when imported PPEs can be had for P1500-1800 each during the early part of the pandemic. Because it was expensive, doctors had to disinfect disposable PPEs with UV light for reuse.

Baka nakalilimutan ng mga senatong na may mga araw na yung N95 ay ibinibilad at ini-steam ng frontliners para magamit nang matagal dahil mahirap humanap ng kapalit (at napakamahal). Yung mga imported blue-striped white PPE suits ay 1,500 to 1,800 each. Ibinibilad sa araw o kaya itinatapat sa uv light kahit dapat disposable dahil mahal.

Mahirap ang supply ng PPE noon. Kahit sa US at UK ay nakita natin na may suot ng plastic garbage bags ang health care workers, Dr. Pineda recalled.

Dr. Pineda lauded the Duterte government because it understands how important PPEs were and did not wait for the prices to go down before buying life-saving PPEs.

This government knew what was important. PPEs helped prevent unnecessary deaths and provided protection to medical personnel so they could serve more. We needed those PPEs and there was no time to lose to wait for prices to go down.

For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost, Dr. Pineda remarked.

Dr. Pineda ended the brief FB post by reiterating her stance why she is defending the so-called “overpriced” PPEs.

Those “overpriced” PPEs that came early saved many lives.


Source: Ethel Pineda

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