‘Laglag Bala’ suspects identified by TV Patrol recently!

Laglag Bala Suspects identified

Laglag Bala Suspects identified.

The two personnels of NAIA Terminal 1 involved allegedly in the ‘Laglag Bala’ scam were named recently in a report filed by Dominic Almelor of TV Patrol.

The two airport personnel according to the Office for Transportation Security are namely Maria L. Masina and Marvin Garcia. The two personnels are now under preventive suspension, while the case is under investigation. If found guilty, the two will be summarily dismissed from the service.

The Fil-Am victim Rhed Austria De Guzman from Tanauan Batangas of the ‘Laglag Bala’ scam has returned to the country just recently to face her tormentors and shed light on her traumatic experienced at the hands of the NAIA personnel.

A Batanguena that she is, the balikbayan from California is determined to pursue the case against the two NAIA personnels that threatened her with the ‘Laglag Bala’ scheme in order to squeeze out money from the wheelchair-bound passenger.

Meanwhile, the American missionary Lane Michael White, who was victimized by the same group a day earlier has also filed a complaint in the NBI against his tormentors.

During the interview with the Stepmom of the young American missionary, it was learned that they agreed not to pay the 30K the airport personnels asked to let him go. By standing up for his principles, the hapless young American was detained for 5 days and 6 nights at the PNP Custodial Detention Center located in NAIA Terminal 1.

The young American missionary was supposedly bound for Coron, Palawan on the day he was ‘terrorized’ by the two suspects.

You may watch the full video below for a more detailed report by Dominic Almelor.

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